Select Hommocks Students Achieve High Scores in Advanced National Math Challenge

The STEM Alliance was thrilled to collaborate with the Mamaroneck School District to bring the national AMC-8 Math Competition to thirty-eight students – including one elementary student – at Hommocks Middle School in January 2024. AMC-8 is a highly rigorous nationwide mathematics competition for students aged 14.5 years or younger. Test content focuses on advanced high school material tested through 25 multiple-choice questions that need to be completed in a 40-minute time frame. The test provides an opportunity for students to push themselves in analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and mathematics – all areas that can assist in future careers.


 Participating in the AMC-8 is nothing short of impressive. This “challenge by choice” experience showcases the extraordinary dedication and passion these students have for mathematics. To prepare for the test, many of the students also participated in a 10-week AMC-8 Math Club led by STEM Alliance Educator Arthur Washington. The STEM Alliance’s Chief Programs Officer, Walter Gabino Rendon said, “Taking this test is not just about solving problems; it’s about embracing the joy of intellectual exploration and pushing the boundaries of their mathematical prowess.” 


Now, the results are in. Again, this year, the Hommocks students excelled in their results. A score of 11 points or higher ranks a student in the top 25% of participants in the country. This year, Mamaroneck School District had six students who scored 11 or higher. The highest scorers were as follows: 1st Place: Joshua Koenigsberb (Grade 8) with 18 points; 2nd Place: Zack Gourevitch (Grade 6), Leo White (Grade 8) with 17 points and 3rd place: Talia Grill (Grade 8), Gabriel Wertkin (Grade 6), and Felix Zebic (Grade 5) with 16 points each. Felix’s results were particularly impressive as he stepped up to this challenge as a 5th grader at Murray Avenue School!


 STEM Alliance President Meg Käufer spoke of the competition saying, “‘Diving into this rigorous competition willingly speaks volumes about each student’s enthusiasm for learning and their commitment to excellence. They’re really testing their potential and setting the stage for a future where their interest in math knows no bounds.”


About The STEM Alliance: The STEM Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization creating a network of STEM learning opportunities. With STEM jobs (in science, technology, engineering, and math) expanding at an accelerated pace, there is high demand for skilled graduates. The STEM Alliance is growing the next generation of STEM leaders by creating a community where all are empowered to embrace STEM as a means of solving problems and fostering innovation. 


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