Board Adopts 2024/2025 Budget

By Stephen E. Lipken


The Larchmont Board of Trustees meeting on April 15 began with a public hearing concerning the 2024/25 Tentative Budget. One resident objected to the 2.95% Tax Levy Increase and recommended a 2.4% as he maintained that a 2.95% would destroy the ability of some to continue in the community and wasn’t needed to provide services. 


Village Administrator/Clerk Justin Datino rebutted that expenses are thoroughly vetted with regard to the cost drivers of inflation, which include an increase in Larchmont employees’ health insurance premiums, and retirement plan rates, settlements of collective bargaining agreements, and an increase in the Village’s contribution to the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Sanitation Commission. The tentative budget was adopted. 


Also adopted was an amendment allowing the increase of fines for vehicle and traffic offenses.


Police Chief Christopher McNerney reported on frauds by phone, text messages, and emails. He reminded residents not to give account information or send funds if contacted by others but rather to go to or call their banks to verify that the requests are for information or funds are not fraudulent.


McNerney also stated that electric leaf blowers are permitted for spring cleanup until April 30 and then allowed again from October 15 to December 15.


Visit for more information about this meeting, including Chief McNerney’s report on Intermunicipal Agreements with Westchester County.