Flood Mitigation, 2024/2025 Tentative Budget Discussed

By Stephen E. Lipken


On April 8, the Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees meeting began with the announcement that Human Resources Department employee Tamika Wells had passed away suddenly on April 6. A moment of silence followed. 


A presentation by Peter Fellows, President of the Mamaroneck Historical Society (MHS), followed. Fellowes remarked that just as his father has a shadow box filled with personal mementos outside his geriatric residence room, which helps his father to find his way back to his room, the MHS has photographs, artifacts, and landmarks, which are touchstones to the past so that “old residents can remember, and new residents can discover the heritage of our community,” Visit www.mamaroneckhistoricalsociety.org for information.


Reporting on Flood Mitigation, Deputy Village Manager Daniel Sarnoff discussed the need for pumps, saying that SLR Consulting contemplated this but did not include it in their final report. The County will do further engineering analysis on whether pumps are an effective solution for the reclamation of the flood plain around the Ward Avenue area, specifically by the Ward Avenue bridge and in Columbus Park. 


“I anticipate that the grants we will apply for are the Green Infrastructure Grant Program which is managed through the Environmental Facilities Corporation and comes from Federal money, which hopefully, would pay for 90% of the project and we would try to match that through Water Quality Improvement Program Funding, a State program,” Sarnoff said.


Visit www.village.mamaroneck.ny.us/home/events/125066 for links to the complete meeting.