Village of Larchmont Mayor Sarah Bauer

Public Hearing Set for 2024-25 Tentative Budget

By Stephen E. Lipken


At the Larchmont Board of Trustees meeting on March 18, Trustee Dana Post announced the appointments of Michael Grossman to the Parks and Trees Committee (PTC) and the new PTC Chair, Dawn Magin.


Mayor Sarah Bauer noted that a Public Hearing authorizing a Property Tax Levy over the limit established in General Municipal Law was not needed.


Although Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced a “statewide initiative to combat ghost cars,” which are vehicles that lack license plates or have a fake license or paper plates to avoid red light cameras and/or to commit crimes, Police Chief Christopher McNerney reported that Larchmont police have already been cracking down on ghost cars and have seized such vehicles on seven different occasions.


McNerney reminded the public that from March 15 through April 30 only electric leaf blowers were permitted for spring cleanup. Additionally, Parking Enforcement Officers (PEO) seized three scofflaw vehicles, those having three or more outstanding parking tickets. The total fines for the vehicles were slightly over $1900.


Fire Chief Richard Valentine called attention to a $15,000 grant, facilitated by NYS Senator Shelley Mayer, to supplement their emergency maritime operations using Marine 34 and Marine 43, to rescue citizens from Long Island Sound and flooded Larchmont streets.

Valentine also reminded everyone to make sure that their carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries have been changed, or better still, suggested switching to 10-year smoke detectors. 


Regarding inspection violations, Valentine remarked that extension cords must be plugged into an outlet on a temporary basis only and should not be plugged into a surge protector, refrigerator, or freezer.


Also, Valentine stressed that address numbers should be clear and legible from the street, with a minimum of four-inch-high numbers and contrasting background. 


Finally, Administrator Justin Datino recommended a 2.95% Tax Levy increase to close the $474,575  budget gap. A public hearing regarding the budget is set for April 15.