GRIT, A Special Fitness Studio, Opens

GRIT FITNESS STUDIO, which brings a whole-body approach to the “gym,” has newly opened at 558 Halstead Ave. just a few blocks from the Mamaroneck station. Melissa Cherry, GRIT’s owner, not only has years of personal training experience but also a master’s degree in nutrition and a special certification in Exercise Therapy for recovery from injuries. In addition, associates will be available in the studio’s body treatment room for Japanese acupuncture, massage, and cupping. Working together, this team of health professionals can complement each other and better evaluate how best to reach your goals. In this way, GRIT provides in one place all your needs for a healthier, stronger body.


A full array of the most up-to-date strength-building and cardio equipment can be found at GRIT. In addition, there is a full supply of weights, balls, and bands needed for a complete workout. With none of the equipment (except for the coffee pot) using electricity, Melissa has created a sustainable, comfortable environment. 


One-on-one, or group, training services are available for all ages. Flexible membership packages allowing for one-hour or half-hour sessions over a time frame that allows you to work at a pace that suits you best. Whether you are interested in being better at work or sports, recovering from an injury, being trimmer and more limber, or just living a healthier life, GRIT has what it takes to meet your goals.


As the name says, Greater Results Integrative Training.