STEM Lab Spaces Open

The elementary STEM Lab spaces have opened with an initial project for Grade 2 and 3 that solved a real-world problem for the new STEM teachers working hard to remember student names. Students were able to articulate not just how they were building name tags (the process they went through and the creative ideas they incorporated) but why they were creating them and what problem they intended to solve.


Grades 4 and 5 kicked off their work in the STEM labs by exploring and collaborating on building elevators as their first challenge, a project inspired by the multiple construction projects going on across Mamaroneck Schools. 


The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation gave the grant that enabled the district to purchase high-tech equipment – such as 3D printers, a vinyl printer/cutter and kid-friendly building materials — for each of the elementary STEM learning labs. The STEM labs allow for authentic, hands-on STEM learning experiences that promote 21st century skills, including collaboration, perseverance and critical thinking, all by using the Engineering Design Process.