Board of Education Study Session Highlights

An update on capital project works was discussed at the Mamaroneck School Board ‘s study session on September 20.  


Student Support Services Update 

After an extremely successful and busy summer, programs for 700 + students with disabilities are up and running at close to capacity across the District. 

The Mamaroneck School District welcomed approximately 35 transfer students with disabilities since July 1, representing all grades and levels.  

They conducted 30 CSEs in July and August and 19 initial eligibility evaluations.

Extended School Year Services were all held at MAS.  Approximately 115 students attended consistently. It was noted that there were many new ESY teachers, some of whom are certified teachers who work as teaching assistants during the school year, as well as a new director, Lauren Onorato, and it was one of the best summers yet.


Three new programs have been launched:

• The Hmx ESP program is off to a wonderful start under the leadership of Venessa Green-Davis and Nick LaRosa.

• Now opened, a third special class preschool program at Central School.

• Lissi Garcia and SueHay Gonzalez are working with administrators at Murray, Chatsworth, and Central to bring in additional post-pandemic counseling support.


Several exciting Professional Development partnerships have formed for this year with:

• Dr. Liz Anghoff, psychologist by trade, who is working with staff (teachers, psychologists, SLPs) on how to demystify and use the evaluation process as a learning experience for students with disabilities

• Dr. Heather Grossman, who will continue her work with speech and language therapists and staff on how to support students with speech disfluencies

• Dr. Ross Greene, a psychologist out of Harvard Medical who will be partnering with the Board to learn new ways of engaging students in problem solving to reduce interpersonal and behavioral conflicts


• The new Director of Special Education, John Boniello, has been here two days/week getting acclimated before he starts full time on October 3.  


Curriculum & Instruction Update 

Teaching and learning are in full swing in warm, inviting and vibrant classrooms. From self-portraits in kindergarten to poems about “where I’m from” and personal timelines, teachers are doing so many things to build a sense of community. 


Three new directors (of Humanities, STEM, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging) have been out and about visiting all six schools – following their entry plans, taking stock of what is already in place in terms of curriculum and staff development, and conducting needs assessments in order to develop priorities moving forward. 

Elementary Highlights: Two new STEM teachers at the elementary level have been busy setting up the elementary STEM learning hubs at all four schools and planning curriculum. Grades 2 and 3 across the district are launching the Bridges in Mathematics curriculum, and Science 21 training is underway for 5th grade teachers.

Secondary Level Highlights: The new Hmx Middle School schedule is enabling students to benefit from extra support during the 8 a.m. hour, and the Hmx weekly structure for Advisory is off the ground. 


Tiger Time, a daily six-minute video edition, has kicked off at the high school to provide students with important school life info and build community.

Overall, ambitious curriculum work is being supported with high quality professional development.