As Kids Go Back to School, BrainPOP Helps Learning

BrainPOP is a pioneering edtech company founded by pediatric immunologist Dr. Avraham Kadar as a way to educate kids on hard topics.


BrainPOP offers a digital collection of fun, short, animated educational movies, quizzes, online games, and more that help kids build background knowledge, vocabulary, and social and emotional skills to reinforce what they are learning in school. It covers all major topics, including English, math, science, social studies, arts and technology, and more. Loved by millions of kids and trusted by teachers and parents for more than two decades, BrainPOP is an essential for any back-to-school shopping list.


BrainPOP (Grades K-8+): With over 900 topics covered, this at-home program for families, is designed to help transform passive screen time into productive learning for your kindergarten through eighth grade kids and boost their achievement in class by building academic and social and emotional skills.


BrainPOP Jr. (Grades K-3): With nearly 300 topics, BrainPOP Jr. offers educational content for children in kindergarten through third grade. It gently encourages young learners to ask questions, build vocabulary, and form their own ideas.


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