MUSFD Superintendent Outlines Exciting,
Innovative Plans for School Year

By Stephen E. Lipken



Mamaroneck Union Free School District (MUFSD) Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps, ED.D. outlined a series of exciting, innovative plans for the 2022-2023 School Year. 


“We are excited that we are in the process of completing construction of our Capital Plan, improvements across all schools.  We anticipate, probably late Fall to have a new STEM Design Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at the High School that is going to be State of the Art.  


“A new Culinary Arts Classroom at the High School is something that we are looking forward to through this construction project. We are also hiring two Elementary STEM teachers to cover the four Elementary Schools, creating new curriculum and learning experiences for K-5 Elementary Schools in the area of STEM.


“The biggest initiative is that we created new Director Positions District-wide in the subject of humanities and STEM.  We are looking forward to investing in District-side administrators who will strengthen the oversight of humanities programming and learning.


“The district is investing in Human Resources, a guidance program in humanities and STEM.


“An administrator will focus on issues of equity and inclusion, working with consultants John Krownapple and Floyd Cobb, promoting a culture of belonging and dignity for all students, families and staff working with our district.


“There is a new Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework at the elementary level, as well as expanding our elementary pilot bridges math program in the second and third grade.  We are continuing to focus on our advisor program at Middle School and Advanced Placement (AP) statistics in the High School.


“We continue to be seen as a highly successful public school system, focused on academic rigor and opportunity for breadth programs, including Performing Arts Curriculum Experience (PACE) (theater, dance, music) and computer science,” Shaps concluded.