MHS Boys Tennis Team Wins NY State Championship!

In the first year that NY State has hosted a team tennis tournament, Mamaroneck Boys Varsity Tennis beat Commack High School 5-2 in the Finals to bring home a State Championship!


Following the boys’ return to the high school by a fire truck escort, MHS Tennis Coach Tim Hooker said, “It could not have happened to a nicer group of guys who knew all along we had the potential to win as long as we just took one day at a time. The team had such great young talent, with seasoned seniors holding down the fort. We did what we needed to do to beat out all the wonderful competition along the way. I am so happy for all of them, the school and the community, which is dear to my heart for so many amazing years.”


Mr. Hooker has coached Girls Varsity Tennis for 22 years and Boys Varsity Tennis for 13 years.