OCRA Students Helping to Shape
the Future of Mamaroneck

Original Civic Research & Action (OCRA) students have had a chance to help shape the Town of Mamaroneck’s Comprehensive Plan, a framework establishing policies for the area’s long-range planning and development. At a recent forum run by Tiffany Zezula, Deputy Director of the Land Use Law Center at Pace Law School — which is helping oversee the public engagement and formulation of the Comprehensive Plan — OCRA students shared their likes, dislikes, and hopes for the future of the Town of Mamaroneck. 


“Being able to engage with these young stakeholders is crucial to the process,” Ms. Zezula said. “It’s the only way for the Town to produce a plan that speaks to the interests and aspirations of all residents.”


OCRA students also worked with Mamaroneck High School Class of 2017 alum and Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee member Jack Demasi. Jack helped lead a group of OCRA students through an exercise eliciting students’ input about the pros and cons of the Town. Jack commented, “It feels great to be giving back to the community and engaging with so many thoughtful MHS students.” 


Joe Liberti, founder and director of OCRA, also will help lead additional engagement activities with students taking other social studies courses. Student feedback will be incorporated into the final plan. Town Supervisor Jaine Elkind Eney, who also was in attendance, was thrilled to have the students’ input. “The students’ energy and voices are so important to this process because we want a future town that’s inclusive and vibrant, enticing students to live and work here as adults,” Supervisor Elkind Eney said. 


OCRA students also received an informational flyer to take home to their parents. Three listening sessions were scheduled throughout the day of May 24th, as the OCRA students looked to better understand residents’ thoughts about the Town’s past, present, and future. 


Over the next several months, the Town, together with input from local residents through public workshops and events, will continue to identify goals and strategies for the future of the Town of Mamaroneck. Ultimately, the Comprehensive Plan will provide a blueprint for future growth and preservation of the Town.