Select Hommocks Students Achieve High Scores in Advanced National Math Challenge

Leo White receives 1st Place on this year’s AMC-8 math competition at Hommocks Middle School, in addition to a Certificate of Achievement honoring high scoring 6th graders. Photo Credit: Ian White 2022.

The STEM Alliance <> was thrilled to collaborate with the Mamaroneck School District to bring the national AMC-8 Math Competition to thirty students at Hommocks Middle School in January 2022. This challenging test is taken voluntarily as an extracurricular activity, with students preparing on their own time. The STEM Alliance coordinated the test administration with Hommocks STEM Assistant Principal Soraya Senerchia. The test focuses on extremely advanced high school material tested through 25 questions with only 45 minutes to complete the work.  A score of 11 points or higher ranks a student in the top 25% of participants in the country.  Hommocks had ten students who scored 11 or higher.


Now, the results are in. This year’s highest scorers at Hommocks were as follows: 1st Place: Leo White with 17 points; 2nd Place: Mengyuan Niu with 15 points and 3rd place: Mustafa Khan, Alexander Orta, Joshua Koenigsberg, and Sebastian Wicklund with 12 points each. Leo White and Mengyuan Niu received additional recognition in the form of Certificates of Achievement honoring 6th grade students who earned a 15 or higher on the test. In addition, Leo’s score was the highest score for a 6th grader at Hommocks in the 5 years the test has been administered there.


The STEM Alliance President, Meg Käufer, spoke of the competition saying, “We are so proud of these remarkable students who participate in this ‘challenge by choice.’  The STEM Alliance works to create multiple ways for children to engage with STEM learning. Competitive experiences really excite certain students – just like athletes – who thrive on competition. These students went above and beyond.”   


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