The District Equity Team of Mamaroneck Union Free School District Makes Progress

The District Equity Team (DET) has been busy this year making progress towards the 2021-2022 DET Strategic Work Plan. At the Board of Education Study Session on January 11th, the DET  presented an update on its work.



One of the Plan’s key priorities is “strengthening and creating opportunities, access, and educational quality for all students in our diverse community”.  The Board is working with regional equity consultant Kiesha Lamb to complete an equity audit. This process includes collection and review of various forms of data (academic, disciplinary, attendance, advanced courses, surveys, etc.) to identify inequities and/or opportunity gaps within the school system. 



Ms. Lamb – who has partnered with educators and leaders across the nation researching, designing and facilitating equity-based curricula visited the district Jan. 24-28,  to interview and/or meet with building administrators, faculty, support staff, students and parents. Her expertise will be valuable in helping the school system.



In a letter to the school community, Kiesha Lamb noted, “I have been contracted to formally carry out an audit related to the state of your school district’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion climate and practices. 

“As your Equity Consultant, I have been committed to getting to know your community and gathering data beginning in July 2021.



“At this stage of the Equity Audit process, I will be carrying out site visits at each school and inviting students and their families, staff and community members alike to share their knowledge and experiences with me. The final report will not include individual names of people who were interviewed, rather, themes that highlight strengths and areas of growth. Spanish interpretation will be provided, as needed.



“While I am visiting schools, I will be observing and connecting with the community as naturally and authentically as possible. With a focus on our students’ experiences, students may be interviewed as a way of gathering data towards the findings related to the audit’s essential questions:


“1. Do All students have opportunities and the support to achieve the same outcomes or their highest potential?



“2. How do students and their families know and partner in the district’s commitment to affirming and including all members of the community?


“3. To achieve the district’s commitments to prioritize learning and leading towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, what pathways are provided to staff and are created by staff?



“4. Within MUFSD, what expectations, practices, and policies currently exist to disrupt inequities that occur on a daily basis?”



The final audit report with recommendations will be completed by April 2022.