Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Comments on Her Years in Office

By Stephen E. Lipken



Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson presided over her final Council meeting and last meeting of the year on Wednesday, December 15th. 


At the Work Session, Councilwoman Abby Katz noted that Larchmont wished to withdraw  support of  LMC-Media and deal directly with Cable Providers. “LMC benefits all municipalities and students who may want to intern there.” 


Councilwoman Robin Nichinsky indicated that knowing the history of LMC would help to understand it and figure out where it is going.  Katz added that the issue was not only LMC’s budget but approving distribution of Board of Control funds.


Discussion turned to distribution of Fund Balance to the Sanitation Commission.  “We thought this was a fair way to move forward so that we can reduce our payments and clean the slate regarding inequitable allocations of the past,” Seligson stated.  


“There was a $549,000 surplus at the end of 2020.  The budget for 2022 includes a $150,000 Contingency Budget buffer, should there be expenses we hadn’t counted on. I don’t think fuel costs will eat up all fuel expenses.  Variables are fuel and unexpected building repairs.

“To achieve a Fund Balance of $789,615, the Village of Larchmont paid $371,119 or 47%; Town of Mamaroneck, $418,496 or 51%,” Village Administrator Stephen Altieri concluded.


At the Regular Meeting, Seligson looked back on her first year in 2012 with the first Property Assessment in 30 years; a Housing Settlement Crisis resolved by equitable housing; an AAA Financial Rating; newsletters; Emergency Robocalls and first Sustainability Collaborative encompassing collection of food scraps and electric vehicle charging stations. 


Proposed tax rate increase for 2022 is 1.13%.  A property owner in the unincorporated area with an average assessment will incur a tax obligation of $7,471, an annual increase of $406 or $5.74% over 2021.  Village property owners with average assessment of $1.308 million will incur an obligation of $830, an annual increase of $108 or 14.9%.