Proposed Plans for Flint Park Tennis Pavilion Renovation, Local Law Establishing Landmark and Historic Districts in Village Discussed

By Stephen E. Lipken


Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh opened the Monday, October 17th Regular Board of Trustees Meeting, announcing the appointment of Adam Bloom as Chair, Finance and Budget Committee, then introducing Rick Yestadt, Yestadt Architecture +Design, Larchmont who outlined plans for Flint Park Conservancy, Tennis Pavilion Renovation.


Walsh noted that the Pavilion is a 100-year-old structure that lacks functional bathrooms; the Playground Donor will not make any contributions until this is resolved.  

Yestadt described two elements key to the proposed plan.  “A wrap-around terrace will replace unsafe steps,” Yestadt began.  “The second concept is to create an open plan.  The building as it exists has a kind of foreboding feeling.”  An open porch with glass doors is proposed, taking out three wall sections, creating an interior connection to the restrooms, saving the existing Handicapped Ramp.  A Tennis Locker Room will be constructed.


A contractor will be selected by early November with project completed by late Spring 2023.


Trustee Sarah Bauer said that the Historic Preservation Task Force was established in February 2017 to identify “features and objects” of historic interest and value. 

A spirited discussion followed.  Erika Bucci averred that many old homes have exceeded their life span and that modern construction may help the handicapped.  “I have a 130-year-old home that is hard to heat. Apartments for retirees and Day Care Centers may be more practical.”


Later, Fire Chief John Caparelli discussed the “challenge of lithium-ion battery fires;” the batteries are used in Smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-cigarettes, smoke alarms, and toys.  


“When purchasing the equipment, make sure the device has the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) mark.  Always follow manufacturer’s instructions and only use a battery designed for the device; use the power adapter that came with the device.  Do not buy cheaper chargers as replacements.


“Keep batteries at room temperature, do not place them in direct sunlight. More information can be found at”