Village of Mamaroneck Receives
Grant for Pedestrian Safety Projects

The Village of Mamaroneck will be the recipient of a $3.99 million grant from New York State to construct sidewalks, curbs, traffic calming measures and pedestrian crossings along Halstead Ave. The project will: Address accessibility needs by replacing most of the curbs and 7,500 linear feet of sidewalks on both sides of Halstead Avenue; Construct 38 curb ramps to enhance pedestrian safety; Enhance the Ward Ave crossing (perpendicular to the train station) with curb extensions in addition to modernizing the pedestrian crossing; Replace and upgrade the existing signal at the North Barry Avenue intersection with pedestrian crossing components; Enhance the North Barry Avenue intersection with curb extensions for safer pedestrian crossing around this heavily used intersection and Bee-Line bus stop; Construct curb extensions at the Beach Ave, Florence Street, and Fourth Street intersections to address higher concentrations of pedestrian activity. The location of these extensions will serve to limit impacts on adjacent properties while installing a full width sidewalk.


“The Halstead Avenue corridor in the Village of Mamaroneck contains missing sections of sidewalk,” said Village of Mamaroneck Mayor Tom Murphy. “Much of the existing sidewalk does not meet the compliance standards of the American with Disabilities Act. This grant will help bring necessary traffic calming measures —such as curb extensions — to certain pedestrian crossing areas to better emphasize the pedestrian environment. I want to thank the Village Manager’s office staff for working so diligently to get funding for needed projects without burdening our taxpayers.”


The $3.99 million grant is part of Governor Kathy Hochul’s  June 23rd announcement of more than $178.8 million to support transportation enhancements in 75 communities across New York State.


The Village of Mamaroneck, with its population of 20,151 people from all over the world, is known as The Friendly Village – A place for all to enjoy living in a community that welcomes different cultures and appreciates their differences. The 44.5-acre Harbor Island Park, known as the “Jewel of Mamaroneck”, overlooks one of the loveliest harbors in Long Island Sound. Its sweeping vistas and proximity to Mamaroneck Village’s shopping district make the park a vital resource.