Police Department Promotions and New Officers Announced at Board Meeting

Left to right: New Police Officer Matthew Di Silvestre; promoted Sergeant Daniel Hammond, Lieutenant Joseph Paprota; Chief Chris McNerney; Mayor Lorraine Walsh; promoted Detective Danielle Lent; Lieutenant Ron Knudsen; new Police Officer Seth Roach.

By Stephen E. Lipken


Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh called the Monday, June 20th Board of Trustees meeting to order.  Trustee Dana Post, Parks and Trees Committee liaison, announced the appointment of Susan Girling to the Committee and new Chair is Glenna Lee.


Then Mayor Walsh opened a Public Hearing regarding Cable Franchise Renewal. Current franchises are with Verizon and Altice. Resident Louise Perez scored Cable Vision/Altice “gangling wires” around the Village on Chatsworth, Monroe Avenue and Roosevelt and stressed that due to Hurricane Isaias, she was without cable service for 18 days. 


Another Public Hearing concerned Local Law#1-2022, the Open Meetings Law.  Although Governor Kathy Hochul enacted legislation permitting zoom meetings, “a public body of the Village of Larchmont may…use videoconferencing pursuant to requirements of this chapter provided that a minimum number of members are present to fulfill the public body’s quorum requirement in the same physical location(s) where the public can attend.”  The measure passed.


A highlight of the meeting was the swearing in of new Police Officer Daniel Di Silvestre; Sergeant Daniel Hammond, promoted from Detective; Lieutenant Joseph Paprota, formerly Sergeant; new Officers Danielle Lent and Seth Roach.


During the Work Session, Mamaroneck High School freshman Annika Lee presented her plans for her Girl Scout Gold Award, Music in the Parks. “On May 20, 2023, Larchmont’s Constitution Park will be filled with the sounds of local music,” Lee began.  “I’m a freshman in high school this year, so I would be able to lead this initiative until 2025.


“I’m grateful to have met with the Larchmont Parks and Trees Committee and have received their support…for this event.” Noting that Larchmont was designated Tree City for five years in a row, Lee is applying for a $1,000 Reward Grant from Tree City U.S.A. to plant three trees.  Lee may be contacted at annikamlee@gmail.com


Also, the Village Board drafted Historic Preservation Legislation for a future Public Hearing.