“One Armed Bandit” Trash Pickup
Presented at Village Board Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken



Opening the Monday, May 16th Board of Trustees Meeting, Village of Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh introduced new Assistant Administrator Aylone Katzin who will also serve as Parking Manager and announced appointments of Jean-Pierre Poyet to Coastal Zone Management Commission and Larchmont Human Rights Committee; Nina Gladstone to Architectural Review Board. 


Village Administrator Justin Datino introduced virtually Carla Lommetti, General Manager, Sanitation Equipment Corporation (SEC) Totowa, NJ who showed a video presentation of the “One Arm Bandit,” a robotic arm attached to garbage trucks that picks up trash pail, eliminating sanitation workers hanging off the backs of their vehicle as well as potential back injuries.


Lommetti demonstrated that all collections can be done from the safety of their enclosed cabs.


Lommetti estimated a 30% savings in sanitation budgets, less workmen’s compensation; a single compensation back injury represents the cost of two automated trucks.  The vehicles can service up to 180 homes per hour.  There is also the advantage of not having to handle contaminated refuse.  The space-saving SEC carts can withstand up to 55 mph winds.


Cost for the truck and body with automated arms is $370,000.  Conversion to rear loaders costs $18,500 per truck for a dual tipper.  Three days of operating training are provided upon purchase of the trucks.  


Next, Police Lieutenant Ron Knudsen said that two new Officers will appear at the Monday, June 20th Board meeting, Matthew Disilvestre and Seth Roach.


Fire Chief John Caparelli reminded residents that only electric leaf blowers can be used from October 15th to December 15th; no leaf blowers after that.


Walsh then stated that an error in calculating tonnage of garbage coming from Larchmont by Joint Sanitation Commission (JSC) resulted in Village being overcharged $135,000/yr. for several years; an IMA with the JSC will distribute 2020 JSC surplus funds, reimbursing Larchmont and Mamaroneck.