Budget Passed Unanimously at Village Board Meeting

Larchmont Trustee Peter Fanelli

By Stephen E. Lipken


Larchmont Mayor Sarah Bauer opened the Monday, April 17th Board of Trustees meeting, announcing the appointment of Anthony Sorrell to the Coastal Zone Management Commission (CZMC).


Next, despite some reservations expressed by resident Michael Gottfried, the 2023-24 Village Budget passed unanimously.


Continuing her presentation from the earlier Work Session, Verizon Wireless’ attorney Leslie Snyder of Snyder and Snyder, LLP showed plans for replacing the existing monopole at Village Hall, holding municipal and AT&T antennas.  The taller replacement pole will have not only municipal and AT&T antennas but T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless units. All code requirements will be met.


Then Police Chief Christopher McNerney disseminated crime trends, including removal of  Front Motion Sensors, each worth $1800 from Honda CRV’s, on Tuesday, March 21st  and Thursday, March 23rd .  A 2020 BMW X5 was stolen from a driveway in Scarsdale, when the perpetrator entered through an unlocked rear window, taking the ignition keys.


McNerney concluded that car keys should be hidden from view in case of break-ins. He also pointed to a spike in bicycles stolen from around the Train Station.  A suspect was turned over to MTA Police for processing. 


Fire Chief John Caparelli said that the American Red Cross is installing free smoke alarms in homes from April 12th to May 17th. “Sound the Alarm, Save a Life.” Further information can be found at redcross.org/soundthealarm.


Caparelli reminded citizens that electric/battery-powered leaf blowers may be used from May 1st to October 15th; gas-powered leaf blowers are banned.


At the Work Session, the comprehensive downtown plan was discussed. Mayor Bauer stressed that affordable housing cost benefit analysis must be conducted before making any commitments, also considering affordable housing for older residents, as well as seeking grants.  Outdoor dining was mentioned, with the possibility of other uses of outdoor space.