Four Local Laws Passed, Appointments to Climate Community Task Force Announced

By Stephen E. Lipken


Village of Larchmont Mayor Sarah Bauer convened the Monday, March 13th Board of Trustees Regular Meeting, announcing the appointments of Rick Lefever, Elena Moss, Sasha Nahr, Ken Wieber and Bonnie Weinbach to the Climate Smart Community Task Force.


The passage of four Local Laws followed. The Local Law authorizing a property tax levy in excess of the limit established by General Municipal Law was tabled.  Local Law 2-2023, amending the Zoning Laws, Chapter 381 to add the definition of “owner” and provide issuance of change of use and occupancy permits was passed in February.  


Local Law 3, permitting use of leaf blowers from March 15th to April 30th was passed, followed by Local Law 4, amending Chapter 381-threshold for requiring Residential Site Plan Review, Local Law 5, clarifying what matters are subject to Board of Architectural Review Referral and Local Law 6, repealing Chapter 97 (Pitbull Terriers) in its entirety. 


Next, Police Chief Christopher McNerney stated that he was happy to report very little crime during the past reporting period, continuing with a discussion about parking scofflaws.  “A parking scofflaw is defined as a vehicle with three or more unpaid parking summonses and fines generally in excess of $400.  We have worked with our Village Administrator to implement a booting program.” Generally, boots from Safeway Towing are placed on the driver’s side with stickers instructing how to contact Police.  


McNerney added that during Police Reform discussions there was a push to involve mental health professionals on calls involving individuals in crisis. “Approximately a year ago, Westchester County instituted a program that assigned mobile crisis teams to cover all municipalities.  The team assigned to Larchmont is headquartered in Port Chester…”


Discussing burglaries, McNerney said the biggest attraction to robberies were dark houses, newspapers in driveways, trash cans at curbside, accumulated mail and un-shoveled snow.


A late Agenda item concerned Village opposition to NYS Governor Kathy Hochul’s Housing Compact, creating 3% more homes within three years and 50 units per acre within a half-mile of the Train Station.