Administrator Datino Outlines
Tentative Budget at Board Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken



Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh convened the Monday, March 14th Board meeting, beginning with news of the passing of Fire Lieutenant John Veteri, 62, who succumbed from the effects of his 9/11 rescue efforts on March 11, 2022. 


Then Mayor Walsh administered the Oath of Office to new Police Officers John Tychyn and Jeanne Anne Fiumara and announced the promotion of Officer Mick Field to Detective.


Next, Police Chief Christopher McNerney reported check fraud on Friday, February 25th, in which a $1,000 check presented to bank for payment was changed to $4,600, termed “check washing.” McNerney stressed that people must make sure that the payment gets to the Post Office and is secure.


Fire Chief John Caparelli reminded residents to change smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries and that Tuesday, March 15 begins the electric leaf blower season through April, continuing October 15th to December 15th . 


Administrator Justin Datino and Deputy Treasurer James Cazzarola presented the Tentative   2022-23 Budget.  Datino delineated increases, including electric bill, +25%;  Health Insurance Premiums, +10%; General Liability is projected to increase +10-12% largely due to losses incurred from Hurricane Ida.  Although the Village pays a discounted fuel rate, it is only 50 cents cheaper than at the pump.



“Capital Projects Funded*

• Comprehensive Plan-Business District $50,000

• Roads/Curbs/Sidewalks $326,000

• Stormwater/Drainage Improvement $35,000

• Digital Communication Radios PD & FD $117,000

• DPW Equipment $50,000


*complete list of projects identified as 2022/23 Capital Budget and Plan”