Pick Up and Drop Off Lanes Discussed for Flint Park

Larchmont Village Administrator Justin Datino

By Stephen E. Lipken


Village of Larchmont Mayor Sarah Bauer convened the Monday, February 6th Board meeting, beginning with the appointments of Kristin Andersen to Coastal Zone Management Commission and Sarah Jones-Maturo, alternate member, Planning Board. 


A 2023 Local Law #2-2023, adding to the definition of “owner” and provide for issuance of change of use and occupancy permits was passed, requiring landlords to register with the Building Department changes in occupancy of their tenants or commercial space.  “Said permit shall be duly issued upon application to the Building Inspector and upon payment of required fee.”


Next, Public Hearings were opened regarding the Village Code, proposed Local Law (LL) amending the threshold for Requiring Residential Site Plan Review and proposed LL to clarify what matters are subject to Board of Architectural Review Referral.


Resolutions set Public Hearings for LL Leaf Blower and Tax Cap for Monday, March 13th.  January 23rd Work Session Resolutions included Single Use Food Ware Law, create Climate Smart Communities Task Force and Coordinator, plus waive Food Truck License Fees for the June 3rd concert in Constitution Park. The Village Administrator was authorized to execute the Professional Services Agreement with Lynstaar to replace the Village Hall HVAC system.


A Services Agreement was finalized with LMC Media.


During the Work Session Budget Presentation, Village Administrator/Clerk Justin Datino pointed out that personnel costs which include salaries, benefits and other direct costs make up about 70% of the total operating budget although the Village will probably stay within the Tax Cap. 


Also discussed was adding pickup and drop off lanes at Flint Park. Bauer said that it makes  more sense to create 12-18 parking spaces instead.   


Datino went on to say that Verizon is interested in replacing the current Village Hall tower with a new tower in the same location, sufficient to accommodate existing carriers and add Verizon as a new carrier.