Fire Engine Purchase and Laserfiche Public Portal Discussed in Mamaroneck

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Jaine Elkind Eney opened a live Town Board Regular Meeting on Wednesday, February 2nd, saying that she witnessed the swearing in of new Town Police Officer Vincent Cuccia, who previously served in the Mount Vernon Police Department on Monday, January 31st. 


Next, Eney stated that the Congressional Redistricting Maps are in; the Town and two Villages are all in the same District along with Port Chester, Rye Brook, Rye, Southern New Rochelle, and Pelham as well as a small portion of the Bronx, Queens and large portion of South Shore of Nassau and Suffolk Counties.   Westchester County comprises 18% of the District; Long Island, 65% and New York City,15 %. 


At the Work Session, Town Clerk Christina Battalia announced plans for a Laserfiche Public Weblink Portal, where citizens can look up historical documents and curated minutes, for example, on Town Website. 


The replacement of two fire engines was discussed, including #37, which sustained irreparable flood damage from Hurricane Ida, to be replaced by a Custom Seagrave Marauder Pumper.  Total estimated cost is $943,425 including purchase price ($929,195); contingency, $5,630; inspections, $4,500 and bond costs, $4,100.  It is anticipated that the Town will receive $525,925 insurance settlement with net cost of $417,500 for the Town.


Replacement of Engine #51 was included in the 2022 Adopted Capital Budget in the amount of $800k.  The Town will save $14,200 if both engines are purchased together.  Total estimated cost for Engine #51 will be $895,000, including $880,000 purchase price, $6,200 contingency and $8,800 bond costs.  Therefore, an additional $95,000 will be needed to complete the purchase.


A bond resolution of $1,308,000 is recommended for replacement of Engine #51 and about 44%  cost of Engine #37.  A Special Election with qualified voters plus designated inspectors to adopt the bond resolution is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15th at the Weaver Street Firehouse by paper ballot from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.