General Fund Budget Presented at Board Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh convened a Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on Monday, February 7, 2022.


Trustee Brigid Brennan announced the appointment of Anthony Sorrell to the Larchmont Environmental Committee, followed by a Presentation by Melissa Manice of Flint Park Conservancy.  Other Conservancy members included Laura Brancato; Karen Dorfman; Alison Roffi and Laura Rosenthal.


Phase Overview encompasses a new Little League Baseball Field; enhanced tree canopy; multi-purpose field; improve bikeway and passive connections; re-surfaced turf field; rehabilitate Park Buildings; new all-ages playground; restore Basketball and Paddle Courts.


At the Work Session, proposed project for Willow Park was discussed by Kevin McCarthy, including Fence Replacement, 500 feet of new fencing; Basketball Court Repair, new pavement and basketball nets; Swing Set Replacement, replacing weathered seats, exposed and rusty hardware; Drainage and Nature Area, remove undergrowth and provide small access pathway overlooking marshland.


Next, the 2022/23 General Fund Budget Memorandum from Village Administrator Justin Datino was presented.  General Fund Revenues excluding property tax levy are down $117,929 or 2.8% of all non-property tax revenues from the 21/22 Adopted Budget.  General Fund Expenses have increased (net of all adjustments) $406,710 or 2.09%.  This includes a transfer to the Capital Fund of $975,000, up from $577,000 in the 21/22 Adopted Budget.  The 22/23 transfer to capital includes the first of two annual American Rescue Plan Acts (ARPA) of $312,000 previously designed for Sanitary Sewer Repairs.


NYS property tax limit or “tax cap” for FY 22/23 is 2.38% or a total growth of the tax levy limit not to exceed $15,771,856 without a Village Board Local Law Override.


Adoption of this budget would result in a property tax rate decrease of 0.0609 or 3.4% ($5.3771 adopted 21/22–$5.3161 proposed 22/23 ); however due to the NYS Cap would still require an override due to growth of tax levy.


Tentative 2022 Assessment Roll has increased by 4.62% or $131,278,772, which is why the tax levy would increase but tax rate would decrease.