County Announces $7.3M Project to Upgrade
the Weaver Street Pumping Station

County Executive George Latimer

Following the deleterious impact that the remnants of Hurricane Ida had on the region in August of 2021, County Executive George Latimer has announced a $7.3M upgrade to the Weaver Street Pumping Station in Larchmont.


Latimer said, “Leaving things better than we found them has been a hallmark of my Administration. We aim to leave the important facilities that keep this County running in a stronger, more resilient position for generations of Westchester residents to come.”


The Weaver Street Pumping Station was damaged during the remnants of Hurricane Ida and in response the County’s Department of Environmental Facilities (DEF) included significant flood mitigation measures in the design of these upgrades to prevent future damage, such as raising the ground floor slab and all electrical equipment above the anticipated future flood elevation.


DEF Commissioner Vincent Kopicki said, “DEF works hard each day to provide services to Westchester residents that they rely on. These upgrades will ensure we can better do the job we are tasked with completing.”


The project will also include the work typically performed in a pumping station rehabilitation project including the replacement or repair of all mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, odor control, electrical, instrumentation, structural, and architectural systems. This includes bar screens, pumps, piping and valves, gas and fire detection equipment, odor control equipment, conduit and wire, lighting, electrical distribution equipment, the emergency generator system, control panels, floors, walls, windows and roofs. 


This project is another in a line of projects undertaken by the Latimer Administration to improve the County’s aging infrastructure.