Larchmont Environmental Committee
Looking for New Members

LEC members Caroline Birenbaum (L) and Sasha Nahr (R) celebrate the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge and inform the community about sustainability issues, including the Environmental Bond Act on the ballot Nov. 8th!

The Larchmont Environmental Committee is focusing on reducing the carbon footprint and addressing greenhouse gas emissions. They are looking for Villagers to help with: Green Buildings, Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Clean Water, Waste Reduction and Land Conservation.


No experience is needed — all they need is your enthusiasm! For more information, contact Sasha Nahr at


Monarch butterflies are now an endangered species. The Mayor has committed to the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, a National Wildlife Federation program dedicated to creating habitat for the monarchs’ survival. The LEC handed out free seed packets, and The Larchmont Mamaroneck Pollinator Pathway team handed out free milkweed plants and seed packets at the Native Plant and Pollinator Festival in Constitution Park on September 24th. Many people stopped by to learn about the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge and how to provide habitat for pollinators in yards.