Mamaroneck Chamber of Commerce Congratulated for Leading Role in Local Economic Recovery

Mamaroneck Chamber of Commerce (MCOC) representatives stood with their State Assemblyman, Mayor and local small commercial leaders to acknowledge the remarkable recovery of the village’s business community in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the Hurricane Ida flooding.


The celebration took place at Hampshire Country Club on July 14 during the Chamber’s annual barbecue. Local proprietors and other Chamber members were also in attendance to celebrate their success in reviving and expanding Mamaroneck’s small-business community following a period of large-scale adversity for the village.


The main event began with opening remarks and introductions by Michael Murphy, MCOC board member and government liaison. Assemblyman Steve Otis (D-Rye) presented formal proclamations to four Chamber members marking milestone years of continuous business: Doc James Cigar Lounge (15 years), Dan’s Carpet & Blinds (60 years), Derecktor Shipyards (75 years) and Orange Bank & Trust Company (132 years). The event wrapped with an induction ceremony welcoming 30 new Chamber members.


“Welcome to our new members and kudos to Derecktor, Dan’s Carpets, Doc James and Orange Bank & Trust for reaching these milestones,” Murphy said. “It is a special evening for Chamber members and the business community as a whole, thanks to the unbeatable combination of wonderful Hampshire hospitality, the beautiful Village of Mamaroneck evening weather, and, of course, the great group of village businesses represented here at the barbecue.”


The new MCOC president, Dorothy Palomares, also spoke to the crowd about how the MCOC has grown in numbers due to the boom in the Mamaroneck business district in recent months. The economic slowdown during the COVID-19 lockdowns sorely challenged the village’s pre-pandemic employers, and the arrival of Hurricane Ida last year left much of the business district submerged under as much as 10 feet of water. These twin emergencies cost many of Mamaroneck’s small business owners their livelihoods.


Many MCOC members praised the Chamber under Palomares’ leadership as a driving force in the recovery of the local economy from the damage done by the pandemic and flooding. Palomares is also the assistant general manager at Hampshire Country Club.


Village Mayor Tom Murphy, who was present for the festivities, was also enthusiastic about the Chamber’s efforts: “My thanks go out to the Chamber for working in tandem with Village government so seamlessly to help our local business community following some very difficult circumstances. That kind of teamwork is essential to a healthy local economy, and I am eager to continue collaborating with the Chamber.”


Assemblyman Otis commented, “The recovery of the village’s business community in the wake of the pandemic has been miraculous; rows of storefronts that were nearly deserted just a year ago are now humming with activity. I’d like to offer my congratulations and thanks to the Mamaroneck Chamber of Commerce and its fast-growing membership for their perseverance and dedication.” 


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