Joint Statement from Mamaroneck Public Library Board of Trustees President and Library Director Regarding Financial Irregularities

In February, the Library Board of Trustees was made aware of financial irregularities involving the Library’s business office. As a result, the Library’s business official was immediately placed on administrative leave and a financial forensic audit was initiated.  This audit was focused on potential misappropriation and the status of all Library accounts.


As of March 22, 2023, the Library’s business official resigned. The financial forensic audit continues and the Library will take any and all measures necessary to address whatever issues are raised during the investigation. 


We remain entirely committed to conducting a full investigation and working with the Village, the public, and all other agencies to maintain our great Library and the public faith. We realize that there will inevitably be many questions as we move forward and we respectfully request the public’s patience while we continue this process and until we are able to provide everyone with the complete and accurate answers that are deserved. 


The Library Board understands that there may be difficult financial decisions ahead. However, Mamaroneck Public Library remains committed to serving the community as it has for the past hundred years. 


Founded in 1923, the Mamaroneck Public Library is at the heart of community, promoting community engagement and connecting people with ideas and each other to make Mamaroneck a better place to live.  The Library offers free materials, computer access, classes, exhibitions, museum passes and more. Additionally, Mamaroneck Public Library has been offering new and creative programs for all ages – with a focus on emotional and physical wellness, fun and relaxation. In 2022, the library was honored to be voted Best Library in Westchester in Westchester Magazine.