All We Can Save Circle

Sheldrake Environmental Center,685 Weaver Street, Larchmont, invites the community to join the new All We Can Save Circle; like a book club, but richer.



Katy Romita, founder of One Small Stone and former Co-President on the Board of Directors of Sheldrake Environmental Center, leads a deep-dive discussion into the seminal literary work, All We Can Save. Edited by Drs. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katherine K. Wilkinson, All We Can Save is an anthology of essays and poetry from “60 women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward.”



Travelling through the book together, it was noted, allows one to deepen understanding, build a nourishing community, and seed more lasting action for climate justice.



Participants will need access to the book, All We Can Save, and a device to connect to Zoom.



The free program will take place Wednesdays from January 5 to March 16 (10 weeks; excludes February 23) from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.



One Small Stone is for people who are looking for more peace in their own lives and in the world…for environmentalists and environmentalist wannabes…for long-time meditators and for people just starting out. Using the tools of mindfulness, one can cultivate more joy, happiness, and equanimity in our own day-to-day lives, while also helping to connect authentically and purposefully to the “big things” that are most important to us.



Katy Romita is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor and a Mindful Schools Mindfulness Foundations graduate, bringing nearly two decades of experience in a variety of meditation practices. Katy has also earned certificates from Cornell’s Civic Ecology Lab and holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MPA from New York University.



Visit or call 834-1443to register.


Following registration, the Zoom access instructions will be forwarded.