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May 2017

Marjan Kebob House, Larchmont

By Claudia Lutzky


The lovely Marjan, a Westchester County resident, cooks her tasty Persian food at Marjan Kebob House, 2122 Boston Post Road in Larchmont. The spot is beautiful, it feels like a mini oasis. The owner’s charm makes its way into every corner of the room.  It is more like being a guest in her home than a customer in a restaurant. An impeccable hostess and chef, Marjan came to cooking late. She first obtained a Masters in Art and Art Education at Teachers College and then a MFA at New York Institute of technology.


The menu features kebabs, salads and spreads.  The Shirazi Salad is perfect for a warm evening: It’s a blend of fresh chunks of feta, tomato,  cucumber and onion. The authentic food is sourced from purveyors that specialize in Turkish or exotic ingredients. The beautiful “Barbari” (bread) is picked up fresh from a baker in Queens every day. It is a crusted round loaf baked up light and airy, and a perfect match, with the appetizer Babaganoosh, (a spread of eggplant with garlic) or Hummus (chickpea spread).  Proof of the authenticity of the food is in the appetizer Bambooseh (dumplings), made just the way the owner had them growing up because it is her mother that is making them. A specialty of the house is the Lamb Shank, cooked until it melts in your mouth.  Meats are never frozen and usually marinated in saffron - the predominant taste in the kebobs.


The most important requirement to the chef is that all ingredients are absolutely fresh.  The grill is completely scrubbed down each day so the flavor of each kebob is pure and not tainted by what was previously roasted. There are many sweet options for desert. Try the baklava, honey donuts or saffron ice cream. Marjan also will make Persian specialties like Lamb Stew or Eggplant Stew with a 1 day notice and can accommodate up to 15 in her restaurant for private parties.


It’s a totally different bite, call ahead and make a reservation, she fills to capacity. Also BYOB, no charge for corkage.


Marjan Kebob House

2122 Boston Post Rd., Larchmont





Shirazi Salad


1 tomato

1 cucumber

1 red onion

1 teaspoon of dried fresh mint

Juice of 1 lime

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper to taste



Peel the cucumber and take out the

seeds with a spoon, then chop very fine

Dice the tomato and onion and add to

the cucumber

Add the dried mint

Add the juice of the lime and drizzle with olive oil

Finish with salt and pepper to taste

Let the salad marinate together in the refrigerator for 1 hour before serving

Serve with chunks of feta cheese, some nuts and scallions – Marjan used walnuts but any kind will do.  Some pita bread for scooping the salad also works well.