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July 2019

At Home on the Sound  Features Informative Speakers

Two experts on the subject of unconscious bias will talk about its subtle effects on our lives on May 14. Hosted by At Home on the Sound, their goal is to help you overcome or mitigate bias and become a champion of change.


Dr. Dorothee Greenberg was born in Germany and raised in Maine, one of the least diverse states in the union, she says.  She earned a Ph. D. in Comparative Literature at NYU in 1958, and joined the faculty at Pace University in New York City.  Meeting the challenges of teaching in that diverse environment, she organized conferences for educators on the Ethnic Mosaic.  Moving to Pace Pleasantville, her classes included The Literatures of Immigrant and Racial Minorities and Gender, Race and Class.


Elizabeth Derby, Wellesley ’88, will share the podium. She is a senior consultant with Jennifer Brown Consulting in Manhattan, advising Fortune 500 companies on the relentless power of racism and the need for change.  A video on the role of unconscious bias can be seen at www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiDr8RxbDis

Then on May 28, at one of the group’s bi-monthly programs, Professor Rolandi will look at the chaos in America’s once dominant foreign policy position. A succession of upheavals around the world, from 9/11 to the invasions of Georgia and Ukraine, have all contributed to America’s declining ability to manage our role.


The election of Donald J. Trump signaled other changes:  the administration’s engagement with autocrats and a non-interventionist approach to American efforts in the Middle East. As we approach another election cycle, Rolandi asks what should American foreign policy be in the increasingly unstable world?


Rolandi teaches public policy and public administration at Pace University and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York. Before that he served in the administrations of New York City Mayors Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani and New York State Governors David Paterson and Andrew Cuomo.


At Home on the Sound, a membership organization for residents 6o and up in Larchmont and Mamaroneck provides a multitude of  opportunities to continue to have a safe and stimulating life while still living at home.  Programs start   at 4:00 pm in Larchmont Ave. Church’s community room, 60 Forest Park Avenue.  Refreshments are served at 3:30. www.AtHomeontheSound.org