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February 2019

What’s Happening at the Larchmont Public Library

Lara Dearman Reads From Her New Novel Dark Sky Island

The Friends of the Larchmont Public Library present author Lara Dearman, on Sunday, January 20, at 4:00pm, as she reads from her newly published second novel, DARK SKY ISLAND (Crooked Lane Books, September 2018).  Dearman’s presentation will be held in the Larchmont Village Center located directly behind the Larchmont Public Library. Refreshments will be available at 3:30pm.


In this thrilling sequel to The Devil’s Claw, DCI Michael Gilbert is called out to Sark - the world’s first dark sky island - after bones are found on Derrible Bay. Journalist Jennifer Dorey, driven by a secret in her own past, follows him. The remains are decades old, but after a body is discovered Jennifer and Michael fear there may be a killer on the island. Together they follow a dark trail of bad blood and a conspiracy of silence. Everyone on the island is under suspicion. No one is what they seem. And the murderer could strike again at any time.


Dearman was born and raised on the beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey. She moved to the UK to study International Relations and French at the University of Sussex, after which she endured a brief career in finance before giving it up to be a stay at home mum to her three children. A short course in Creative Writing at Richmond Adult Community College led her to  study for a Masters in Creative Writing at St Mary’s University, London. She graduated in 2016 with a distinction. Having moved from Guernsey to Brighton to London to Paris to Singapore and back to London over the last fifteen years, she has now settled in Westchester with her family. DARK SKY ISLAND is her second novel and like her critically acclaimed debut novel, The Devil’s Claw, combines her love of Guernsey, myths and folklore with her obsession with crime fiction and serial killers.


Creatures and Objects Debut Solo Exhibit by Lola York

Artist Lola York opens her debut solo exhibit titled CREATURES AND OBJECTS, in the Oresman Gallery at the Larchmont Public Library on January 11, and will continue to be on view through February 27. Additionally, there will be a reception honoring Ms. York on Saturday, January 12, from 2:00 to 4:00pm in the Gallery. The exhibit and the reception are free and everyone is invited.


The art for Lola York’s CREATURE AND OBJECTS exhibit has been created in Mexico, then transported to Larchmont to be placed on display in the Larchmont Public Library’s Oresman Gallery. Several pieces have been created exclusively for this exhibit.


Lola York began her exploration of collage art at a very young age. “I think my talent could not exist without my hands. I can say that my thoughts and hands are soul mates. I discovered the ability to use my hands, to create art, since I was very little”, said Lola. “At the age of five, while my father was making a dog house, using tools and wood. I was curiously looking at him, asking, talking, etc. I found some wood pieces and I played with them until I got a shape of something, then my father helped me to paste them together. So that is my first memory of creating something with my hands. It wasn’t a painting though. My Mother says I started to show artistic skills in my kindergarten works. Art that comes from kids is just fantastic!”


Lola believes that art is the highest expression of what it means to be human. “I just feel I have so much inside me that I need to bring it out”, she said. “Sometimes that passion is fear, love, happiness, loneliness; feelings that I need to push out of me. My passion comes from my gut and I’m glad I have the power to transform feelings into art”.


Lola York’s watercolor portraits and collage depict people and things that do not exist. Deformities, extensions, imperfections and exaggeration help her show beauty through an unreal reality. “Sometimes I play a game with a cynical sense of humor. Sometimes they are more serious and painful, but most of the time I think that my work will show whatever the audience wants to see,” said York. . “When I start to work on a new collage, for example, I display lots of image clippings on my desk, bed, floor and whatever I can use as a surface to see what I have to start the piece with. After a bit of time, many other ideas, feelings and thoughts come and pass through my head. For that reason I never work on just one piece at a time. I am always working on several pieces simultaneously. My inspiration comes from creating”.


Lola York hails from Guanajuato, Mexico, where she has been developing collage in a very unique and particular way. Her technique is about mixing images from a variety of sources and adding strategic touches of watercolor and original drawing. She discovered that collage is not just about cutting and pasting pieces of paper. Rather, she believes it is important to create a new art form, blending varied elements together with an aim to achieve artistic harmony. Her work features delicate drawings of female bodies, adding brilliant colors, textures and unique objects to her compositions. York´s artwork takes a decidedly whimsical view to the reality of life.