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August 2017

Left to right: Laura Rosenthal, Kara Nuti, Racheal Combe, Rivi Oren, Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh, Assemblyman Steve Otis, Lexie Pitney

Friends of Larchmont Parks Host Event

On June 22, Friends of Larchmont Parks, a recently formed non -profit group,  held a welcoming event in Constitution Park, next to Village Hall. Mayor Lorraine Walsh and Friends of Larchmont Parks President Laura Rosenthal welcomed residents as they arrived.  “It is wonderful to see all these young families getting involved and enthusiastic about this initiative,” said Walsh.


The group is hoping to raise $400,000 to implement the plans drawn up by landscape architect Rivi Oren which include grading along the front entrance to make the park accessible for seniors, strollers and young children. A performance patio for concerts and an area for sculptures are also envisioned.


“Constitution Park, which has been overlooked for too long, is perfectly situated to be a hub for community events and interaction,” said Walsh. “I am very glad that Friends of Larchmont Parks has been formed to help the Village realize the Park’s potential with an innovative design by Rivi Oren.”