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October 2020

Coyotes on the Prowl Around Byron Lane, Larchmont

By H. Pollack


Trapper Keith McGlinchey of Mamaroneck has been hard at work, 7 days a week,  since early this past summer, waiting for coyotes to enter his traps that he set by their den on Byron Lane in Larchmont.


Marsha Fayer and her husband initially saw 3 coyotes in their back yard on July 4 and alerted their neighbors. “This coyote problem has terrorized our neighborhood,” Mrs. Fayer said. “We would see large and small coyotes early in the morning and late at night, wandering through our back yard. They are very bold. You can’t take your dog out for a walk without being afraid.”


Worried about children and animals getting hurt, twenty homeowners that reside around Byron Lane, including Colonial Court, Colonial Avenue and Homer Street, banded together and named themselves ‘The Byron Crew,’ after seeing the coyotes wander through their neighborhood.  At first the group contacted the Town of Mamaroneck and the Police, telling them about the problem. With no definite answer, the group decided to raise money and hire McGlinchey in hopes he would catch the wild animals and take them to a wildlife center in Upstate New York.


McGlinchey placed a camera by the opening of the den, under an old tree stump located in the back corner of the Fayers’ back yard, to monitor the animal activity. As of August 18, the coyotes had not been caught and the Trapper said there could be up to 7 that have made the den their home.


“When tropical storm Isaias struck, the animals hid in the den because they do not like noise,” McGlinchey told Mrs. Fayer. “Coyotes like quiet and the noise from the generators, firetrucks and chain saws after the storm, made them hide.”


After seeing 3 of the coyotes and hearing about a dog that was killed in Mamaroneck by a coyote, the Fayers’ and their neighbors are worried. “I go out at night to walk my 2 dogs with a whistle and a flashlight,” Mrs. Fayer explains. “I tell the Byron Crew to do the same.”