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November 2020

Gathering for the 12th Annual Remembrance Tree Observance

On November 22nd, the 12th Annual Remembrance Tree observance will be held in the Larchmont Park located at the corner of Palmer Avenue and Weaver Street, as local residents will gather to honor and lovingly remember the children that have passed away in the community.


“This day has become an important tradition for so many, as well as being regarded as a sacred place to offer compassion and understanding to those assembled, regardless of the age of the child and the circumstances around his or her death,” says Dawn Moriwaki.


With the pandemic still quite real and ever present in our lives, we know that we must be very cautious and careful about planning any gathering of people in our community, she added.


France Tucker and Dawn Moriwaki developed the idea for the Remembrance Tree observance through their desire to unite families in the community who have lost children of any age and from any cause, for whom the holidays are especially difficult. They conceived of the event to show that these children will always be remembered.


“France Tucker, mother of Olvia Tucker and I, mom of Kaitlyn, decided to choose together, the lovely and {now full bodied and quite statuesque} evergreen tree; the Cedrus Deodara,” explained Moriwaki. “We also designed and purchased The Remembrance Tree plaque in a distinctive cobalt blue, for we wanted those who congregated that day {or any day}, to feel how special we regarded all the children that have been lost to us in the community.”


At 2pm, on November 22, residents are asked to come with white ribbons with their child’s, siblings or grandchild’s name written on it, so they can tie the ribbon to the majestic Cedrus Deodara evergreen.


“For some, this might be your first time participating. For those who have joined us over the years, we look forward to being together again,” continues Moriwaki. “This will be a reminder during the winter holidays that our children’s light continues to shine.”


Please be advised, she notes, that a mask must be worn the entire time in the park, as well as maintaining social distancing. For additional information, contact Dawn Moriwaki at dawncrista@gmail.com.