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September 2019

What’s Happening at the Larchmont Public Library

Understanding China in the Modern World

Across the past sixty-seven years, China has made a phenomenal transformation through a careful blend of capitalism and a centrally planned economy. James Levey will guide attendees to more fully understand the geo-political events occurring today that affect US-China relations.  Given the events of the past year, there is strong demand for a deeper understanding of China. Yet China today is an enigma – are they friend or foe?


Danielle Rehfeld Colen to Lead Food and Memory Workshop

Great meals linger in our memory long after the meal has concluded and writing about our memories of great food goes far beyond submitting a review on Yelp or Trip Advisor. Danielle Rehfeld Colen of The Inherited Plate, leads a workshop on July 15 from 1-2:30pm, at The Larchmont Library, showing you how to explore your memories, during which some short food writing pieces will be read followed by writing exercises. The workshop will help you discover the skills needed to write about your memories as they relate to food, time, place and persons.


Prohibition: The 100th Anniversary

Join David Osborne, Historian with the St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site, at The Larchmont Public Library, for an engaging and information-packed program on  July 12 at 2:00pm,  about the rise and fall of the “noble experiment” – the effort from 1920 to 1933 to ban all alcoholic beverages in the United States.


Described by American president Herbert Hoover as “a great social and economic experiment”, prohibition – a ban that prevented alcohol from being made, transported or sold and legislated the 18th Amendment – was established across the United States in January 1920 and would remain in force for 13 years. The period gave rise to what came to be known as “bootlegging” and ushered in gangsters such as Al Capone, Dutch Schultz and Salvatore “Lucky Luciano” Luciana. It took the 21st Amendment to repeal the 18th - effectively ending prohibition in the United States. Control of alcohol after 1933 became a state rather than a federal issue.


The Love of Art

Veronica Dean presents, “The Love of Art”, an exhibit of watercolor and pencil artwork on display in the Larchmont Public Library’s Oresman Gallery from July 2, through August 30, 2019. The exhibit is free and open to everyone during normal library hours.


Veronica Dean has been exploring art for a number of years.  Dean primarily works in watercolor and pencil and her Oresman Gallery exhibit features pencil portraits of children and watercolor landscapes.  Using the mediums of watercolor and pencil, Dean attempts to bring her favorite subjects to life. She finds her art relaxing even though it has been and continues to be a life-long learning pursuit. Veronica is primarily influenced with the art of Norman Rockwell.


 Dean attended the Westchester Community College Art Work Shop and for 3 years was a member of the New Rochelle Art Association. Her artwork has been exhibited in numerous libraries and galleries, including the Westchester Community College Art Workshop Gallery, the Flat Iron Gallery in Peekskill, St. Cabrini Nursing Home and several library galleries in Lower Westchester County.