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June 2020

Larchmont’s DeCicco & Sons

honors their staff in celebrating

the holiday spirit!

As usual, you can ordinarily expect the extraordinary when you and your family shop at DeCicco & Sons on Palmer Avenue in Larchmont. While most supermarkets during the holiday season only display their holiday specials like sales on turkeys and hams…cookies and cakes… eggnog and candy canes…family-owned DeCicco & Sons in Larchmont is promoting something special: their employees! In-keeping with the holiday spirit, and long-time holiday tradition, you’ll be amazed at the number of personalized red & white fluffy holiday stockings hung along the store’s second story eatery and bar. Each and every employee has his or her name written on their own stocking… bright, colorful and proud!


Here’s how it all began: DeCicco & Sons held a contest among all their 8 stores to see who can decorate their store with the most original, holiday-festive concept. While all the stores submitted fun and inspiring holiday spirit, the Larchmont store was the winner!


 “Our most important “product” is our employees,” said Luisa DeCicco, VP of Personnel, responsible for hiring the over 900 employees throughout DeCicco & Son’s 8 stores. “We have a strong family tradition of making sure that our staff is truly a part of the DeCicco family, as we celebrate not only their talents, but also their character, virtues and genuine caring for others. The Larchmont store captured our brand spirit in a very original way!”


John DeCicco, Jr., President, continued “When our customers see all the holiday stockings hung with all of our employees’ names, they realize how important our staff is to us… and how proud we are of them.”


The actual tradition of hanging holiday stockings originated around 300 AD in Asia Minor by a nobleman named Nicholas (Yes, that St. Nicholas!). He shared his wealth by placing coins in the stockings of impoverished people in his hometown. His generosity served as a glowing example of what the holidays are all about. It’s not coincidental that DeCicco & Sons have a strong sense of benevolence as they have contributed for the past 40 years to the Pelham Civic Association’s Good Neighhbor Program – annually providing baskets of full meals to those in need during the holidays.


As one of their employees was overheard saying, “The kindness and respect that the DeCicco’s have for all of their employees…and customers… brings their motto of “Quality First” to life…not only during the holidays, but throughout the entire year!


You can find the spirit of the holidays at any one of the DeCicco stores located in Ardsley, Armonk, Brewster, Harrison, Larchmont, Millwood, Pelham and Somers. For more information, visit deciccoandsons.com.


Photo above: Store Manager Rob Chebetar and Office Manager Lucinda Albanese