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May 2020

The Music Business Taught Locally by Larchmont Author

Staff Report


In these unprecedented times, by pivoting to new technologies and teaching methods, Harvey Rachlin, who runs the Music Business and Music Internship Program at Manhattanville College in Purchase, is getting use to the new normal.


“It’s a big  adjustment to teach online nowadays. My lectures on the Music Business are the same as what they were in front of a room full of students. Your mindset goes from a classroom to a screen,” he explains.” Manhattanville is so great. They send alternatives to what the best approach of teaching online is and they are very supportive. All students can choose between getting pass/fail or letter grades.”


The Larchmont resident started teaching full time at Manhattanville in 2008, though his career began as a writer after he graduated college. He wrote his first book in 1977, called The Songwriters Handbook. “ I had a street education by working for a music publisher and record producer back then,” he says.


From the music business and his love of writing,  he branched out and is now the author of 13 books including the newly published Song and System-The Making of American Pop Music, published by Rowman and Littlefield and available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. “The book weaves the evolution of popular music with the Music business and it has been endorsed by numerous luminaries from the music world.”


The award wining author has also written for various magazines and newspapers. “It took 2 years of research and writing to complete my new book, “ Rachlin mentions. “ Tony Orlando, Bobby Rydell and Janis Ian all gave wonderful back cover reviews. I have been very fortunate to have gotten some great endorsements over the years.”


Rachlin has even produced a syndicated cartoon, drawn by Steven Duquette, called The Menschkins, which dealt with a normal Jewish family and ran for 4 years.


Now his agenda includes the writing of  2 new books. First, a non fiction love story based in the 1700’s. As a long time member of Chabad of Larchmont and Mamaroneck,  the other book will be a young adult story with a Jewish theme. “ It’s a real coming of age story of a boy who will soon be having his Bar Mitzvah, “ Rachlin reveals.


“I get a lot of satisfaction from writing. To compose a book, it takes a long time. I become so consumed as I get further into the writing,” he adds.


“I am also proud that many of my Music Business majors who graduated from Manhattanville College, have gone on to careers in the Music Business including entertainment attorneys and executives at record labels and licensing organizations.”


The varied books by Harvey Rachlin include: Song and System-The Making of American Pop Music; The Songwriter’s Handbook; The Encyclopedia of the Music Business; Scandals, Vandals and DaVinci’s;  Jumbo’s Hide, Elvis’s Ride and the Tooth of Budda; Lucy’s Bones, Sacred Stones and Einstein’s Brain; The Making of a Detective; The Songwriter’s and Musician’s Guide to Making Great Demos; The Money Encyclopedia; The Kennedy’s: A Chronological History; The TV and Movie Business; and The Making of a Cop.