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November 2020

A Four Months’ Trip: Women on the Overland Trails Lecture

Thousands of mid-nineteenth century women took the same journey, dealing along the way with the burdens of pregnancy and motherhood, the need for adequate food and shelter, the struggle to maintain safety and health, and the drive to preserve expectations of “womanly” behavior. The Woman’s Club of Larchmont, Inc. will provide a Zoom lecture on Friday, November 20, at 1:30 pm, presented by Laura Chmielewski, who will explore the dangerous, thrilling, occasionally humorous, triumphant and at times tragic consequences of life on the California and Oregon trails. The remarkable migrations over these trails provide tales of tenacity, grit, resilience, religious devotion, love and loss among the life experiences of 19th Century American women.


Laura Chmielewski, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Chair of History Programs at Purchase College. She teaches early American, Atlantic world, and public history, and is the author of three books, numerous essays, book chapters, reviews and public presentations. She serves as a historian-in-residence at Historic Hudson Valley and is co-founder of the new Museum Studies minor at Purchase College.


To join this live online program through Zoom, request an invite by sending your email address to: WCL10538@gmail.com


For more information regarding The Club and membership,  contact Sheelah Mohan  sheelahevmohan@aol.com