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March 2019

City of Science Brings

Technology, Engineering and

Math to County Center

By Stephen E. Lipken


Con Edison presented the City of Science, produced by World Science Festival, in conjunction with Westchester County Nationally Accredited Parks, brought science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) exhibits to over 8,000 citizens at the Westchester County Center on Saturday, February 2nd.


At the Media Briefing on February 1st, County Executive George Latimer stated, “City of Science is really a terrific day-long exhibit and activity program…The program will involve exhibits and activities that take scientific principles and turn them into fun family events…”


On Saturday, at the Angular Momentum Display, producing a plastic cup and pellet, Mamaroneck High School Junior Ivan Ziabkin noted, “The force of gravity acting on the pellet will drag it down towards the floor, but when you spin the cover fast enough, centrifugal force will push the pellet toward the middle.


“It cancels out the force of gravity and the pellet doesn’t move anywhere which is the appeal of the common pellet.”  MHS Junior Nathalie Morton showed a marshmallow on top of a cardboard platform suspended by four strings “not stuck to it,” that she swung over her head, producing the same results.


In another display of centrifugal force at Angular Momentum, MHS Junior Nico Santamaria and Valhalla High School Physics teacher Federico Duay spun bicycle wheels at a rapid rate; grabbing the spinning wheel produced resistance and spun around anyone sitting on a stool holding the wheel.


Joseph Wiener from PepsiCo, fielded a plastic model eagle that balanced its beak on his finger.


“The center of mass is due to equal distribution of weights in both wings so the center of mass is at the beak and it balances,” Wiener noted.


Beside the scientific displays, there were exhibits by For Inspiration and Recognition of Scientific Technology (FIRST, robotics); Friends of Rye Nature Center; Greenburgh Nature Center; Groundwork Hudson Valley; Hudson River Museum and Westchester Children’s Museum.