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May 2018

Stepinac High School Inducts Academically High Achieving Students into Honors Academy

Archbishop Stepinac High School has inducted 34 academically high achieving students from throughout Westchester and the Bronx into the Honors Academy, the first-of-its-kind, three-year personalized learning program in the region.


Starting in September, the group of sophomore-year students will pursue advanced studies in either engineering, health and science, economics and finance or law.

Stepinac’s Honors Academy was launched a year ago with 44 students who in September will begin their second year of intensive exploration in their chosen disciplines.


To qualify for acceptance into the Honors Academy, students in their freshmen year need a cumulative average of 90% or higher and are required to apply with the knowledge and support of their parents. Each student is assigned a faculty mentor.

Paul Carty, Principal, said: “Our Honors Academy is designed to help foster the development of skills that the honors students will need to become globally competitive at the college level and beyond.”


Vice Principal for Curriculum and Academic Studies, Frank Portanova, noted that Stepinac’s Honors Academy better prepares students for their chosen college major as the curriculum framework design is based on undergraduate core courses in the chosen concentrations.  “Students will develop and use complex algorithms to explore the major theories and principles associated with each discipline,” adding: “A primary goal is to empower students to see the relationship between their academy studies and their application to the real world.”


The program will culminate in the senior year with an internship and a final capstone research project and presentation that will be judged by a panel of faculty members and outside professionals in the fields that correlate with the respective academy.

Carty said that the Honors Academy is the latest initiative that has earned Stepinac as a leader in curriculum innovation. “It follows on the heels of the ground-breaking personalized blended learning platform including the first-of-it-kind all digital text book library that has been recognized by educators across the nation and around the world,” he explained.


There are 34 Honors Academy members who will start their first year of advanced studies in the 2017-2018 school year. Local students include : Francisco Ferrisi of  Larchmont,  will study Law; Mychal Riccio of Harrison, will study Engineering.


The Honors Academy inaugural group of 44 members who will continue in their second year of advanced studies in the 2017-2018 school year include local student  Aiden Flood of New Rochelle studying   Engineering .


For more information, visit www.Stepinac.org.