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June 2020

Literacy Team Launches Mamkreads Video Series

The Literacy Team at Mamaroneck Schools is  launching  two  video series created to support you and your child during remote learning.


The Supporting Early Readers video series aims to help parents and caregivers of Kindergarten and first grade students by sharing simple ways to practice and reinforce early literacy behaviors and skills, including selecting appealing books, supporting comprehension, and much more. (Supporting Early Readers will be available in Spanish soon!)


The Literacy at Home video series, which is available in English and Spanish, aims to help families with children of all ages engage in enriching, joyful literacy experiences each day. Topics include conducting family inquiries, storytelling, and reading as a source of emotional comfort, and more.


While the  school buildings are  closed,  Email  mamkreads@mamkschools.org with pictures, stories, questions, or topics you would like  to see  featured  in future videos.