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November 2020

Celebrating 22 Members of the MUFSD Family

The Mamaroneck School District is celebrating their tenure recipients: Mamaroneck High School:Jenny Rodriguez - Assistant Principal; Rachel Dell’Orto - Math Teacher; Matthew Mucci - Math Teacher; Allison Palmer - Math Teacher.


Hommocks Middle School:Rob Andrews - Assistant Principal;Martha Barragan - Foreign Language Teacher (Spanish); Nathalie Garfunkel - Foreign Language Teacher (French); Jessica Gordon - Science Teacher; Melissa Saul – Psychologist; Kate Stocker - Music Teacher.


Central School: Anna-Liisa Corsi - Elementary Teacher;Pamela Rabinowitz - Elementary Teacher; Ana Rodriguez - ENL Teacher; Melissa Smith - Special Education Pre-K Teacher.


Chatsworth Ave School:Kimberly Ferguson - Elementary Teacher; Kristyn Walsh - Elementary Teacher.


Mamaroneck Ave School:Christina Fernandez-Todd - Reading Teacher;Alison Otto - Reading Teacher; William Vargas - ENL Teacher.


Murray Ave School:Aliciane Elkins - Elementary Teacher.


Districtwide: Suzanne Carroll - Elementary, RTI Coach;Cynthia McKean – Psychologist.


“Tenure is the culmination of up to four years of robust professional development complemented by a rigorous evaluation system. As a result, those enjoying the conferral of tenure have demonstrated the highest professional skills while embodying the core values deeply held by the Mamaroneck school community,” said Dr. Jeremy Barker, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Administration.