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August 2017

Mamaroneck Schools Foundation  Makes Impactful Grants

The Mamaroneck Schools Foundation thanks the community for its generous support of teachers and staff. Donations and participation in their events allow the Foundation to make impactful grants that benefit thousands of students in all six schools.


The Foundation awarded $232,000 in grants for the 2016-17 year. Some of the grants went to the MHS Robotics students, the Hommocks Drone Project and The Murray Meadow.


With new tools, equipment and components, the MHS robotics students competed at the First Tech Challenge (Velocity Vortex) and in the MATE competition. In the MATE regionals they came in 3rd overall and were awarded best newcomer team.


The Hommocks drone project included Hommocks students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades who learned about the engineer design process in technology classes taught by Ron Nobles and Grace Brew. Students worked in groups to problem solve, brainstorm, design and test their personal drones. They learned about soldering, circuitry, 3-D printing and the nuances of controlling the drones in flight and landing. “This is a one of a kind curriculum in New York State, where students are creating and building their very own drones from pieces rather than a kit,” Nobles said.


The Murray Meadow is an outdoor learning space with several components, including a pollinator garden, migratory bird habitat, theater-like seating, compost area and greenhouse extension. The Murray Meadow will provide a cross-curricular learning experience for students in all grades, and will be used for science exploration (life cycles, bird studies, etc.), geography, writing and music presentations and health and wellness initiatives.


The Foundation congratulates all the teachers and staff who have worked throughout the year to put their grants into action - to nurture students’ curiosity, inspire their creativity and enable them to solve problems and explore new endeavors.