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September 2020

Stepinac High School to Launch New Three Year Entrepreneurship Program, Open to All Students

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Stepinac High School students will learn the multi-faceted answers to that question by taking advantage of the Entrepreneurship Program, the new three-year innovative program which gets underway with the start of the new school year on September 14.


The new initiative continues Stepinac’s leadership in secondary education which, among several pioneering programs, comprises the groundbreaking Honors Academy, the unique-in-the-region personalized learning program providing focused studies in engineering, health sciences, finance and economics and law—leading to potential careers in those disciplines.


Open to all students starting in their sophomore year, Stepinac’s Entrepreneurship Program is also believed to be unique to high schools in the region.


The minor concentration will begin with an in-depth leadership course. Citing this quote from Boss Magazine, “Being a leader is a far more complex task which requires a range of key skills, personal traits and often years of experience. With the right leadership, a business will achieve more in just about every aspect of its operation,” Frank Portanova (Class of ’93), Vice Principal for Academics and Curriculum, said the course will focus on three key aspects of leadership:


1. Personal leadership for individuals to learn more about themselves and develop life skills that strengthen self-image. This will be studied in conjunction with ethical leadership.


2. Organizational leadership to engage individuals to practice skills for creating a vision, managing teams, and decision making, usually within an organization. This includes the study of adaptive leadership, strategic leadership, cross-cultural leadership and transformational leadership.


3. Community leadership to focus individuals in organizing to create community change.

Following the business leadership course, the students enroll in entrepreneurship, marketing, and business law courses, respectively, in their junior and senior years, to complete the concentration.


Portanova noted that the Entrepreneurship Program continues Stepinac’s tradition of empowering young men with the skills they need to become globally competitive and leaders in their professions and communities.