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July 2018

Jon Taylor, MHS Class of 1967, presents Grace Maffucci with the 2018

Mamaroneck High School Class of 1967 Award.

Cheryl Fried with Christopher Mendoza, recipient of the Dr. Paul R. Fried Memorial Scholarship.

Hommocks teacher and keynote speaker Patti Ball with scholarship recipient Gloria Urritia

Gloria Kushel with the Gloria and Richard Kushel Scholarship recipient Jared Velazco Misajel

Mamaroneck-Larchmont Student Aid Fund Awards  Over $370,000 in College Scholarships

On June 11, at the annual Mamaroneck-Larchmont Student Aid Fund (SAF) Awards Ceremony, a record number of scholarships were awarded to Mamaroneck High School’s Class of 2018. SAF President Linnet Tse noted that applications and awards were up 30% over last year and expressed appreciation to donors for their incredible generosity in response to the increased need. Two-year scholarships totaling over $370,000 were given to 15% of the graduating class.


Addressing the students and their families and some of the SAF’s generous donors, who were in attendance, Hommocks Spanish teacher Patricia Ball delivered a moving keynote speech about the value of working hard, surrounding oneself with good people, and turning to the community for support and encouragement. Señora Ball, the daughter of a Columbian immigrant and an Irish American father, was an MHS Class of ‘90 award recipient. She shared some words of wisdom with the students: “As the recipient of this gift, you should be proud. Getting this gift made me want to do well in school and be more committed to being a giving member of my community. That is one of the many reasons why I became a teacher here.”


Highlights of the evening included the presentation of several special scholarships. In honor of Mamaroneck’s ninth Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Fried, who passed away in April, a special Dr. Paul R. Fried Memorial Scholarship was presented to Christopher Mendoza by Dr. Fried’s wife, Cheryl Fried. The scholarship was made possible by former School Board Trustees and colleagues who worked with Paul during his five years of service (2004-2010) in Mamaroneck. The newly established Gloria and Richard Kushel Scholarship, set up by former SAF board member Gloria Kushel and her husband Richard, was introduced and presented to Jared Velazco Misajel.


The third special award of the evening was the Mamaroneck High School Class of 1967 Scholarship, established in commemoration of the class’s 50th reunion. Class representative Jon Taylor explained that he and his classmates felt that a class gift benefiting current and future MHS graduates would be a meaningful class legacy, “one that recognizes the good fortune of having grown up in Larchmont-Mamaroneck and of attending its excellent school system.” The response to this initiative was so enthusiastic that enough funds were raised to create an MHS Class of 1967 scholarship in perpetuity. Jon pointed out that at least one contributor was him(her)self a recipient of a Student Aid Fund award 50 years ago. The 2018 MHS Class of 1967 Scholarship was presented to Grace Maffucci.


In total, 60 scholarships were awarded. In addition to the ones mentioned above, scholarships included a number of other named awards established/sponsored by both individuals and local organizations. There was a celebratory reception following the ceremony.


The Mamaroneck- Larchmont Student Aid Fund was established in 1937 to help MHS graduates afford college. For more information, visit its website: