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January 2020

Hour of Code Teaches Students Creativity and Problem Solving

Third through fifth grade students at F.E. Bellows Elementary School practiced their problem-solving skills during the Hour of Code, an international event that is a popular feature of Computer Science Education Week, from Dec. 9-13.


“The children were excited because it gives them the opportunity to focus on different skills,” said Susan Combs, a fifth grade teacher and curriculum leader. “Hour of Code is a nice way to have the school come together. The students have a great time solving computer tasks, and they could all relate to having the same common experience.”

Throughout the week, the students explored a variety of self-guided coding activities, including Minecraft and other exercises that involve a “Star Wars”-based module. The computer programming experience encouraged them to challenge themselves, work independently and take ownership of their learning. It also helped nurture their creativity and problem-solving skills.


For more information on the Hour of Code, visit www.hourofcode.com/us/learn.