Notes from a Therapist

By Hillary Volper, LCSW


Welcome to “Notes from a Therapist,” a column dedicated to understanding the importance of therapy. I would like to thank the Larchmont Ledger for this opportunity. Having written a similar column for another local paper for 7 years, I soon discovered there is a plethora of topics to share with readers. 


So how do you know if you need therapy? People reach out to therapists at the point when they have saturated their friends’ and families’ patience with problems. Grief, divorce, illness, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and life changes can contribute to creating distress.


Quickly one learns that psychotherapists are not only skilled listeners but are also objective by providing clarification and insight that individuals may not have known before. 


Having the opportunity to speak openly and honestly without judgment can be liberating and eventually helpful. Some therapists like myself, may work with dreams. There is no shortage of therapies but talk therapy is probably the most effective with long-standing problems.


It takes courage to pick up a phone to call a stranger and to finally admit you need help. And lastly, try to remember that you are investing in yourself and your future.


Hillary Volper, LCSW, conducts individual psychotherapy both in-person and via telehealth. She has offices in New York City and in Larchmont and can be reached at 914-980-7980. Visit for more information.