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January 2021

AGZA Pledge and MOU Green Zone Certification for Village of Larchmont Planned

Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh convened a webinar Work Session on Monday, December 21st, delineating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Village and American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), developing a Green Zone at  Constitution Park, intended to reduce air, noise pollution and toxic waste associated with the use of internal combustion grounds maintenance equipment.


AGZA Green Zone Certification for the Village of Larchmont is run in partnership with Sustainable Westchester, and Quiet Communities, Inc. (QCi). No two-stroke internal combustion tools are to be used in Certified Green Zone areas, except chain saw workloads, seasonal aeration and dethatching.  Absolutely no gas leaf blowers will be permitted, even in the fall season.  An authorized signature from the Village indicates a pledge to adhere to conditions of AGZA Green Certification.


At the Regular Meeting, Mayor Walsh expressed condolences to Police Chief John Poleway on the passing of his father, William.  Poleway reminded residents to clear sidewalks of snow and ice within 24 hours, achieving a three-foot width.  He warned homeowners to be vigilant of packages on their porches and front stoops, vulnerable to theft.


Poleway pointed out that with the Holiday Season, an average of 29 people in the U.S. die daily from drinking and driving, one every 50 minutes.


Fire Chief John Caparelli warned homeowners regarding basketball hoops in the street interfering with plowing; hoops overhanging the roadway are dangerous because they are on the same level of large truck windshields.


Finally, a $625,000 bond was allocated to pay for improvements in Village parking lots to include pay stations, paid on-street parking in both Palmer Avenue and Boston Post Road Business Districts, signage covering rules, regulations, plus License Plate Readers (LPR) to detect payment and “geo-chalking,” 4-hour time limit enforcement.