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August 2017

Larchmont Trustee/Justice Candidates Announced

By Stephen E. Lipken


On January 31, 2017 the Village of Larchmont Democrats selected Thea Beaver as candidate for Village Justice plus Trustee candidates Malcolm Frouman and Carol Casazza Herman, running unopposed in the Tuesday, March 21 Village Election.

A Larchmont resident for over 23 years, Frouman is running for a full two-year term, having been appointed to complete the remaining year of Lorraine Walsh’s Trustee term when she was elected Mayor.


Frouman is President of the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force, an all-volunteer organization that operates a food pantry in Mamaroneck and is also on the board of Larchmont-Mamaroneck Local Summit.  He has held the position of Art Director at several publications, including 22 years at Business Week Magazine, Chairman of the McGraw-Hill Design Association and member of the Queens College Journalism Advisory Board.


Running for the first time, Casazza Herman is one of the founding members and former Chair of Larchmont’s Committee on the Environment, participating in their Climate Action Plan, Pesticide Reduction Policy, Anti-idling Initiative and [plastic] Bag Ordinance, also serving on the Sheldrake Environmental Center Board for 10 years.

Presently serving on the Village’s Financial and Budget Committee, Casazza Herman was a former Vice President/Assistant General Counsel at Pfizer, Inc. where she managed the company’s worldwide environment, health and safety program.


Serving as Larchmont Village Justice since 1997, Beaver also served as President of the Westchester County Magistrates Association and member of the Board of Directors. She is especially passionate about her work as New York State attorney for children, representing children in matters involving abuse, neglect, juvenile delinquency, custody and visitation and is a stakeholder in Westchester County’s Child Welfare Court Improvement Project.


“The Democratic Party nominated two candidates for Trustee positions,” Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh observed.  “One of them is current Trustee Malcolm Frouman, who I am glad to see has decided to run for a full term.  The other is Carol Casazza Herman.  She has been very active in volunteering in various capacities for the Village.


“I would be very happy if she were elected and…joined us…”