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July 2018

Village of Mamaroneck Comprehensive Plan to be Updated

The Village of Mamaroneck’s Planning Department is starting the process of preparing an update to the Village’s 2012 Comprehensive Plan and encourages residents and other interested parties to visit the website www.planvom.org to keep informed about the process.


According to Village Mayor Tom Murphy, the update to the Comprehensive Plan will include more detailed attention to environmental sustainability and provide additional guidance on topics such as neighborhood character. During the planning process, which is expected to continue over the next 10 - 12 months, other topics and areas of focus from the 2012 Plan might also come up, Murphy said. “We encourage people to learn more about the project at www.planvom.org and sign up to receive periodic email updates about the process and any upcoming public events,” Murphy said.


 A Comprehensive Plan is a guidance document that sets goals, policies, and priorities for investing in the physical, economic, and environmental future of a community. The project website contains a link to the Village’s 2012 Comprehensive Plan.


In recognition of the importance of this project and its benefit to the community, the Village was a successful recipient of a $37,500 grant from the New York State Climate Smart Communities program that will partially fund this long-term planning program.


The process of updating the Comprehensive Plan will run concurrently with the implementation of the vision and concept for the MAKER Zone in the industrial area of the Village.