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March 2017

Mayor Walsh Outlines Blasting, Rock Excavation Local Laws

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mayor Lorraine Walsh presented drafts for Rock Excavation and Blasting Local Laws at the Monday, February 13 Larchmont Board of Trustees Work Session.


Walsh said that legislation was modified to restrict mechanical rock excavation to 15 consecutive calendar days within a twelve-month period, excluding holidays.   “We also pulled ‘and rock blasting operations’ out of that portion of the law.  The days of the week, hours of the day, holidays, etc., still apply to both hammering and blasting.

“One of the major reasons for amending this law was there was no notice to neighbors of rock excavation,” Walsh stressed.  She also emphasized that “natural person” refers to the agent in charge of blast operations, not the company doing the blasting.


Village Attorney  James Staudt recommended adding “or limited”  [107-3 I] to read, “The Building Inspector shall have sole discretion to set the term of any blasting permit unless otherwise approved or limited by a Village Board or Commission.”


Resident Bob Fletcher pointed out that there were no standards for seismograph readings or decibels generated by the blasts, comparing it to taking your temperature “and not knowing that 98.6 degrees is the standard reading.”  Trustee Carol Miller recommended contacting the engineer regarding these statutes.


Then Registered Architect Mauri Tamarin disseminated a Preliminary Phase/Task Outline for a Village of Larchmont Historic Preservation Task Force including phases 1) Establish Larchmont Historic Task Force; 2) Research; 3) Create preliminary recommendations; 4) Community outreach/engagement; 5) Revise/finalize recommendations.


An important part of Phase II, Research was to “identify studies describing effects/benefits/challenges of Historic designation (i.e., maintaining/raising property values, property taxes offset by state or federal tax reduction programs, stabilization of communities, property use parameters).”


Finally, Fire Chief John Caparelli outlined his Budget requests for 2017-2018.  The 2016-2017 Budget was $1,806,482; requested addition of $217,399 would bring it to $2,023,881.


The projected 11% increase reflects + 2.25% due to Collective Bargaining Agreement;+ 5.05% employee step raises and +3.7% due to emergency compensation and training increases.