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April 2020

Town of Mamaroneck Announces First Repair Café

The Town of Mamaroneck will hold a Repair Café at the Mamaroneck Senior Center at 1288 W. Boston Post Rd on Saturday, March 14th from 12pm – 5pm.


Volunteer repair experts will be available to help make repairs free of charge. Tools and materials will also be on hand. People visiting the Repair Café are invited to bring their broken items from home. Toasters, lamps, hair dryers, clothes, toys, crockery... anything that is broken and can be carried in by one person is welcome.


The Town of Mamaroneck wants to help reduce waste by promoting repairs. Todd Isberg, a volunteer with the Town’s Sustainability Collaborative says, “We throw away piles of stuff in the U.S., even things which could easily be used again after a simple repair. Unfortunately, we tend to think ‘buy new’ and Repair Café wants to change that mindset.”


Repair Café is also meant to put neighbors in touch with each other in a new way, and to discover that a lot of know-how and practical skills can be found close to home. Volunteer George Roniger points out, “If you repair a toaster, a CD player or a pair of trousers together with a previously unfamiliar neighbor, you look at that person in a new light the next time you run into them on the street. Jointly making repairs can lead to pleasant contacts in the neighborhood.”


Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson says, “I’m thrilled that our volunteers organized this event. As a NYS-certified Climate Smart Community, this fits with our goal to create less waste and be a more sustainable community. Repair Cafés also show that repairing items can be a fun community effort.”


Repair Café Foundation: The Repair Café concept was created in the Netherlands in 2009 by Martine Postma, at the time an Amsterdam-based journalist/publicist. In 2010, she started the Repair Café Foundation (see Repaircafe.org). This foundation provides support to local groups around the world wishing to start their own Repair Café.


Town of Mamaroneck Sustainability Collaborative: The Sustainability Collaborative is a volunteer committee created to advise the Town on environmental issues.

See https://www.townofmamroneckny.org/324/Sustainability-Collaborative

Interested in volunteering for the Repair Café or have questions? Contact Sue Odierna at sodierna@townofmamaroneckny.org.