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September 2020

Mechanical Rock Removal Law Discussion Continues

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson opened a virtual Town Board Work Session, followed by a Regular Meeting on Wednesday, August 19th.


First item discussed was Proposed Delinquent Tax Law.  Town Attorney William Maker said that delinquent taxpayers can spread payments over a 36-month period with recommended 15% down payment.  The proposal will be presented at a Public Hearing on Wednesday, September 9th.


Next, Councilman Jeffery King said that he attended a Sustainability Collaborative meeting on Tuesday, August 18 where they proposed a total ban on gasoline-powered leaf blowers by January 20, 2022, encouraging homeowners and landscapers to purchase electric leaf blowers,  as well as developing a uniform fine structure for the three municipalities.


King noted that besides noise, gas-powered leaf blowers discharge large volumes of particles into the atmosphere.  However, switching over to electric leaf blowers could be a financial hardship on landscapers; more employees may need to be hired.  Councilwoman Sabrina Fiddelman averred that batteries would have to be constantly charged with landscapers forced to run portable generators.  Seligson suggested posing these questions to the Sustainability Collaborative.


At the Regular Meeting, Seligson strongly recommended going on website www.townofmamaroneckny.org and registering your cell phone and e-mail on the red Swift 911 button in order for the Town to keep you abreast of emergencies.


A Public Hearing continued, regarding Mechanical Rock Removal Law from discussion during the Work Session, mainly recommending 15 days for removal and 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. hours.  Village Administrator Stephen V. Altieri mentioned that the first law was passed in 2007, designed to balance the needs of the residents with rights of the developer.


According to Town Attorney William Maker, Jr., the law applies to residences, recreation and not business districts. A third party would survey adjacent homes in case any damage is incurred.  Rocks must be wetted down and covered.

The Public Hearing continues on Wednesday, September 9th.