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January 2020

Centro Larchmont Changes Discussed at Larchmont Board of Trustees Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh opened the Monday, December 16 Board of Trustees Work Session with a discussion of the Sanitation Budget.  “The Request for Proposal (RFP) includes expanding the Town Garbage District to include the Village of Larchmont,” Walsh began.


“All garbage functions would be tasked through Garbage District and based on evaluation including number of stops.


“If somebody is working with dumpsters, should they get a greater portion of Workmen’s Comp, since dumpsters are more dangerous?”


Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson and Administrator Stephen Altieri distributed copies of their Sanitation Budget; Altieri pointed to reductions in diesel fuel and landfill expenses as well as a 1.3% increase in Health Insurance.


At the Regular Meeting, Mayor Walsh relayed the good news that water bills can now be paid on line, https://villageoflarchmont.merchanttransact.com, creating a Portal paid only by ACH transfer at no charge to the Village or user. Residents can also sign up for paperless billing.


Gary D. Hirsch, Chairman Elk Homes addressed the Board regarding his Centro Larchmont project.  “It is disappointing that we have to find re-direction for the project,” Hirsch noted.


“We have lost the opportunity to acquire the Wendt Avenue property and the project will be a much smaller scale.


“There will be little or no change in groundwater and parking facilities. What we are proposing is a one-story retail building, 2,500 square feet; three full residential floors, approximately 25,000 square feet, set back at least 35 feet from Chatsworth Avenue, invisible to people walking on Chatsworth.


“It will be only 50 feet wide on the exposure facing Palmer Avenue, 75% smaller than originally projected.  We will reduce stormwater flowing onto Wendt Avenue.  It replaces an obviously terrible building and features 14 units, one Affordable and 13 Market Rate.  Automated car lifts are planned and there will be no school age children,” Hirsch concluded.