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April 2020

Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh

Latimer, Walsh Address Village’s Deep Coronavirus Concerns

By Stephen E. Lipken


Westchester County Executive George Latimer and Mayor Lorraine Walsh spoke at the Wednesday, March 18th Larchmont Board of Trustees meeting, addressing residents’ deep concerns regarding the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis.


“We have closed all playgrounds in Larchmont Village,” Walsh stated.  “Metal and plastic surfaces cannot be properly cleaned to make them safe.  The parks are still open—expend some energy, get some fresh air but don’t let your dogs off their leashes.  If people can’t self-moderate, we may have to close the parks.


“Elections have been postponed by the Governor until Tuesday, April 28th.  An Executive Order has closed all bars and restaurants to on-site dining, allowing only take-out and delivery.  The Village cannot close hair salons and barbershops; the State must do that.  We have a volunteer in our Lobby to ask visitors their business.  Telephone, water bills and parking tickets can be paid online (www.villageoflarchmont.org).  You will need to schedule an appointment to visit the Building Department.


“We are separating the DPW crews into three different work places for minimum contact.  Larchmont residents having night parking permits can now park at the Train Station during the day, since many residents are working from home.  Ed Metzendorf is creating a special portal whereby local businesses can advertise their specials to sell goods and gift cards.


Jake Lambertson of Post Wines and Spirits is establishing a similar website for liquors.”

Latimer noted that 20% of Westchester County citizens contracting the virus equals 200,000 people; a 2% fatality rate, 2,000 people.  “Retired nurses are needed to supplement medical personnel; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can run short, since you need a fresh mask and PPE suit for each new person treated.


“The best source for information is the United Way ‘211’ Line,” Latimer concluded.

Police Chief John Poleway pointed to three other sources of information:

www.cdc.gov; health.ny.gov/diseases and westchestergov.com.


Appointments to Committees/Commissions: Jay Rubin, Village Prosecutor; Jeremy Hazan proposed for Finance and Budget Committee.


Acknowledging that the Coronavirus may severely impact the 2021 budget, Village Administrator Justin Datino announced the Public Hearing for the 2020-2021 Tentative Budget, Monday, April 20th, at 7:30 p.m.