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June 2020

“One Larchmont, Inc.,” “Bridge the Gap” Provides Financial Relief Announced at Board Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Due to continuing NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 restrictions, Mayor Lorraine Walsh convened another remote Larchmont Board of Trustees meeting and Work Session on Monday, May 18th.


Mayor Walsh thanked “One Larchmont, Inc.” fundraising grants to local businesses and “Bridge the Gap Larchmont,” providing low-interest loans to businesses.  She announced appointments of Cindy Olsen, founder of Cindy by Nature LLC and Nazanine Scheuer to Larchmont Environmental Committee, plus Bing Morris, Business Services/Purchasing, Iona College to Finance and Budget Committee; Heather Mahland, Alternate Member, Planning Board.


Walsh stressed that Contact Tracers, hired through NYS County employees must be in place to expedite re-openings as well as rates of hospitalization and deaths of hospitalized patients.


Police Chief John Poleway emphasized that use of banned leaf blowers violates Section 195-5 of the Village Code and warned about e-mail “phishing” scams concerning COVID-19.  “There are no drugs or supplemental vaccines available via e-mail or the internet; violations can be reported to the District Attorney at 914-995-3414.  The FBI warned against online sexual child exploitation and domestic violence.”


At Work Session, Walsh announced a licensing agreement with neighbors of Constitution Park to remove Norway Maple saplings at the park’s border near their driveway, replacing them with an evergreen hedge and other plantings, impinging one to three feet on park property.  The residents would be responsible for maintaining the plants.

After a security assessment in 2018, Larchmont Temple Executive Director Jane Sable-Friedman proposed 1,000-pound rectangular planters to be placed in front of the synagogue between sidewalk and curb to discourage vehicles from driving onto their property; trees would occupy spaces between the planters.  Village Attorney James Staudt suggested consulting Police and Fire Departments.

Then the 2020-2021 Tax Warrant was presented: Current Tax Levy Per 2020-21 Budget: $14,950,039; Streetscape Assessment: $37,173.94; Water Fund Arrears as of 4/15/2019: $110,872.75; Sewer Fund Arrears as of 4/15/2019: $7,854.80; Alarms Arrears: $16,750; Total: $15,122,690.50.