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October 2018

Police Chief John Poleway, right draws winning “Skull Patrol” ticket, as Mayor Lorraine Walsh; Trustees Peter Fanelli and Sarah Bauer look on.

Skull Patrol Winner Announced; Chief Poleway Outlines New Crime Responsibility Law

By Stephen E. Lipken


Having nothing to do with Halloween, William Norman won the Skull Patrol raffle, his winning ticket drawn by Larchmont Police Chief John Poleway at the Monday, September 17 Board of Trustees meeting, held in Village Center.  Norman will be the proud owner of a new bike, provided by Miller’s Bicycles, Mamaroneck.


Poleway said that the raffle was held in conjunction with the Village’s Bike Lanes.  Police observed proper behavior of students wearing helmets while riding bicycles and gave them tickets to be drawn for the new bike.  “The most serious injuries to bicyclists are to the head,” Poleway observed, recommending wearing pads and taking bicycles in to be “tuned” every year.


On a more serious note, Poleway reported that the age of criminal responsibility has been raised from 16-17 years to 18 years of age, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on April 10th.  “Adolescent Offenders (AO) now have a new Youth Court, established in Superior Court.  It requires misdemeanor cases with the exception of vehicle and traffic law to be heard in Family Court.


“The law mandates that 16 and 17-year old students can no longer be prosecuted as adults. Those charged with misdemeanors and non-violent cases are heard in Family Court. New York was one of only two states, the other being North Carolina, to prosecute 16 and 17-year-old teens as adults.  AO’s will be held in new specially created detention facilities.  AO’s heard in Family Court will be eligible for probation and programs will be tailored to the needs of each specific individual.


“This will be effective October 1, 2018; 17-year-olds, October 1, 2019.  For further information, visit www.ny.gov/programs/raise-age-0.  Studies show that adolescent brains are not fully developed until their 20’s and young adults are not able to make correct decisions.  Once placed into an adult facility, they are vulnerable to physical assaults and mental hardships once they are released.”


Chief Poleway added that there has been a rash of mail thefts, even with entire mailboxes stolen.  “Checks taken can be ‘washed’ with thieves removing ink and substituting their own financial information, thereby wiping out an account.”  Poleway recommended paying bills on line or using gel pens on checks.