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October 2019

Left to right: Peter Feroe, Senior Technical Director, AKRF; John Neill, Vice President, AKRF; Matt Carmody, Senior Technical Director, AKRF; Shachi Pandey, Principal, Metropolitan Urban Design Workshop (M.U.D.)

Mamaroneck Bag Waste Reduction Law Encourages Reusable Bags

By Stephen E. Lipken


At the Wednesday, September 4th Mamaroneck Town Council meeting, one Public Hearing regarding Bag Waste Reduction passed with ease; the proposed Commuter Parking Law was the source of acrimonious protests by many residents.  Approximately 38 citizens attended.


The first Public Hearing involved a change in parking regulations, continued from the Wednesday, August 21st meeting.  “Over the last year… we have had an increased number of commuters in residential areas, perhaps because of increased costs of parking permits, institution of Washington Square residential parking permit requirements, and demand for commuter parking that has exceeded our available supply,” Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson began.  “We wanted to limit or prohibit parking for one hour per day on those affected streets.  According to New York State Law, parking regulations must apply to all people, not just commuters.”


“We found that if commuter parking is prohibited on one street, it would bubble out to another, the ‘balloon effect.’  If you squeeze a balloon in one spot, it bubbles out in another.  We commissioned a study earlier this year to evaluate alternatives.  The solution being considered by the proposed law is to ban long term commuter parking by prohibiting parking for one hour per day on most streets within one-half mile of the Train Station.”  “Residential parking only must be approved by the State,” Councilwoman Abby Katz added.


Many residents repeatedly pointed out that service people and caregivers would not have access to homes and scored vehicles speeding across North Chatsworth, offering that parked cars would deter speeders.  The Public Hearing will be continued at further meetings.


The second Public Hearing addressed the Mamaroneck Bag Waste Reduction Law, encouraging people to utilize reusable bags.  Seligson stated that 3,000 reusable bags were donated to the Town.  A five-cent fee would be charged for each non-reusable bag.  A unanimous Roll Call vote passed the measure.


In other business, Council authorized re-construction of the Waverly Avenue Bridge, budgeted at $1.9 million dollars and refurbishing the Banquet Room Kitchen Area of the Senior Center at $190,000.