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February 2018

Left to right:  Jack Demasi; Alex Eney (son); mother, Deputy Town Supervisor/Councilwoman Jaine Elkind Eney; new Police Chief Paul Creazzo; Dan Demasi; Police Officer Frank Commrade

Supervisor Delivers “State of the Town” Message and Officials Sworn In

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson delivered her “State of the Town” Message after she and  Councilwoman Jaine Elkind Eney, new Councilwoman Sabrina Fiddelman, new Police Chief Paul Creazzo and Town Justice Ronald A. Meister were sworn in at the Wednesday, January 3 Town Board meeting.


In her address, Seligson stated that the Board expedited residents’ paying property taxes before January 1 in line with new federal rulings, adding that the Town Administration, working with bond counsel and Board, implemented the advanced bond refunding planned for 2018 before the tax-exempt status was withdrawn, saving the Town over half a million dollars in debt financing costs.


“We launched the Food Recycling Program for residents in the Joint Garbage Commission in September.  You can now recycle your…food waste at the Maxwell Avenue Recycling Center from which it will be transported to a facility in Ulster County where it will be turned into useful compost…


 “The Town’s Sustainability Collaborative received a Westchester County Earth Day Award for exemplary efforts related to educating residents on waste reduction and recycling practices for creating a new product called a Recyclopedia…you can look up any item and learn how to recycle or dispose it…though the new Garbage Commission website LMSanitation.org.”


Seligson mentioned other green measures, including repaving the Town Center parking lot with porous pavers to reduce water runoff from the Town Center site and improve water quality in Mamaroneck Harbor along with recognition of the Town as a Climate Energy Community, making it eligible for a $50,000 grant to upgrade components of the old Town Center air conditioning system, for more energy efficiency and eliminating the use of R-22 refrigerant, harmful to the ozone layer.

“We have expensive infrastructure repairs to be made in the water system, sewer system and fire house.


“Finally, unexpected changes in federal immigration policy in the beginning of 2017 required us to reaffirm our support of all our residents and to reiterate our commitment to welcome and embrace our immigrant and newly arrived residents.  The Town Board also sent a Resolution to New York State to support allowing all residents to apply for drivers licenses regardless of immigration status,” Seligson concluded.