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November 2020

County Planning Commissioner Gives Board Update on Housing Needs

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson convened a live-streamed Council Work Session on Wednesday, October 7, explaining that the meeting was open to the public with no Public Comment allowed.


Seligson introduced Westchester County Department of Planning Commissioner Norma Drummond, who gave a brief update on status of County Housing Needs Assessment.  “Westchester’s long and short-term viability is predicated upon our housing inventory meeting the demands of our workforce,” Drummond noted. “The County Executive’s report demonstrates our dereliction in delivering adequate, accessible and affordable housing...


“There are 345,885 housing units in Westchester; 81% (302,277) were built before 1979…

Mamaroneck Town has 4,511 (4,304 were occupied).  Only 2.6% of Mamaroneck’s housing stock (117 units) has been built since 2000; 83.3% of Mamaroneck Town’s housing stock is Ownership (3,584 units).”


Town Attorney William Maker mentioned a proposed Monitor experienced in construction and not affiliated with the developer or property owner to track rock removal.  The 45-day respite period between rock removal and rock pulverization has been increased to 60 days.  No work will be done on weekends.  Weekday hours for removal of pulverized rock are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; rock from a subject property, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  A Moratorium is in effect until January 2, 2021.


Regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order 203, Seligson said that there was a “thick book” of Police procedures. “We have a Task Force on Racial Equity, headed by Councilman Jeffery King.  We met with Altieri, getting the staff involved…,” Seligson stated.


“The manual contains the components of the Police Reform report, due on April 1, 2021 that must be prepared by the Town,” King added.  In addition, Police Chief Paul Creazzo; District Attorney’s Office; Larchmont, Village of Mamaroneck Mayors; Mark Levy, Ph.D., Director, Community Resource Center and Mamaroneck Union Free School District Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps will also be consulted.