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May 2020

Challenging Tentative Budget Presented at Village Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mayor Lorraine Walsh opened a videoconference of the Larchmont Board of Trustees on Monday, April 20th. “The first priority has been the health and safety of our Village and staff,” Walsh began, reminding residents to wear masks. “I issued an Executive Order banning all types of leaf blowers,” Walsh added. “Lawn cutting is fine but no extensive plantings.


If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail codeenforcement@villageoflarchmont.org.”


Walsh urged residents to complete Census 2020. There is a loss of $2500 per year for 10 years if one person is not recorded. This affects Sales Tax revenues, based on per capita. Go to Census2020.gov.


Trustee Sarah Bauer announced the appointment of Alanna Murray to the Larchmont Environmental Committee.


Village Administrator Justin Datino presented a slideshow of Tentative Budget 2.0, saying that 75% of Budget Revenue is Property Tax; 25% non-Property Tax Revenues, such as sales tax, mortgage tax, building permits and Court fines.  “In prior years, we have used Fund Balance to balance our Budget,” Datino stated.


“Last year we did not and this year are not planning to use Fund Balance as well.” With a 4/20 Budget Gap of $148,020, Tax Levy to Close Gap is 1.00%, below the State-Mandated Tax Cap of 1.78%; therefore, Proposed Local Law authorizing a Property Tax levy in excess of limit established in General Municipal Law was withdrawn.


Datino said that most complaints are about sidewalks and roads. Although $75,000 was allocated for LED streetlights, projected savings are $60,000/yr.


A Public Law was passed, amending Planning Board Membership Law Code to allow alternate members in order to fill quorums.


Mamaroneck High School sophomore Caitlyn Carpenter presented plans for installation of 3 dual-port CT4021 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations for public use in the Addison Street, Village Hall and Wendt Avenue West Parking Lots under the auspices of a NYSERDA 2019 Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Clean Vehicle Infrastructure Grant, filed through an online portal with 80% rebates of approved project costs.


And a Resolution was passed for goal of Village purchasing fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel “Green Fleets” vehicles.