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July 2018

Board Discusses Rule Allowing Village to Accept Charitable Donations

By Stephen E. Lipken


Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh announced at the Monday, June 18 Board of Trustees Work Session that the first item on the Agenda would be a discussion about allowing the Village to accept Charitable Donations for tax credits.


Walsh explained that under the new ruling, donations are paid to a State-operated Charitable Contribution Fund and Village documents the amount to give to the tax collector for credit.


She stressed that a Resolution and Local Law would have to be passed before June 29th.


Participating locality may also adopt a Local Law authorizing a real property tax credit up to 95% of the value of the contribution to be applied against the real property taxes of the contributor; also, rulings from the Internal Revenue Service must be considered.


“How do we make the affirmation that no goods and services will be provided for the payment?”


Walsh asked.  “It must be a staff person, such as a Chief Financial Officer.”


Trustee Carol Casazza Herman mentioned that Village expenditures will total over $1 million dollars, including estimated $818,000 in annual insurance fees plus anticipated $208,000 in General Liability; total is $1,043,622.56.


Mayor for a Day, Chatsworth Elementary School kindergarten student Blaine Westbrook opened the meeting as Walsh administered the Oath of office to Volunteer Firefighters, Captain John Pomponio, Jr.; Lieutenants Joe Clifton; Alex Gerace and J.C. Ruggiero.


Then Mayor Walsh issued Certificates of Achievement to Mamaroneck High School sophomores Connor Aylett and Charlie Levinson, NYS Boys Double Tennis Champions.


Walsh shared a letter from Larchmont Volunteer Ambulance Corps (LVAC) President Grant Nishanian and LVAC Chief John Pomponio III, detailing how off-duty LVAC member Paul Rodrigues noticed a serious truck-car head-on collision on North Street in Harrison on Tuesday June 5th.


Observing that the automobile was on fire, Rodrigues used a fire extinguisher from a passing DPW truck to put it out, then used a fence post to break the car windows and render first aid.


Photo right, left to right:  Boys Doubles Tennis Champion Charlie Levinson; Mayor Lorraine Walsh; Doubles Tennis Champion Connor Aylett.  Center: Mayor for a Day Blaine Westbrook.