Captain Christopher Perkins and Senator Shelley Mayer // photo courtesy of New York State Senate Photography

Senator Mayer Announces Nomination of Captain Christopher Perkins to the 2024 NYS Senate Veterans Hall of Fame

Senator Shelley Mayer recently announced Captain Christopher R. Perkins as her nominee for the 2024 New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame. The New York State Senate honored Captain Perkins and all the nominated Veterans during a ceremony in Albany on May 28. Captain Perkins traveled to Albany for the honors along with his wife, Rosa. 


Captain Christopher Perkins served in the United States Marine Corps, was stationed in Iraq for nine years, and led pivotal war efforts in reconstruction, civil affairs, logistics, public affairs, and fire support coordination. Since returning to the private sector, Captain Perkins has worked tirelessly to connect veterans to employment opportunities in finance. 


Captain Perkins credits much of his success in finance to the skills he developed while serving in Ar Ramadi, Iraq. One day in Ar Ramadi, Captain Perkins and his battalion were delivering bicycles to an Iraqi school when they came under attack by insurgent gunfire. It was critical that he made quick, accurate quantitative decisions, while having a full understanding of the risk. The ability to make quick and accurate quantitative decisions was a skill he used that day and carried with him during his finance career. Captain Perkins, through the Citi Military Veterans Network, encourages Veterans to reflect on their duties overseas and how they can apply to their job at home.  


In 2009, Captain Perkins organized Citi’s Military Veterans Network, one of the first platforms for the veteran community with a focus on finance. In 2011, he co-founded VOWS (Veterans on Wall Street), which works to ease transitions for new veterans and has raised over $15 million for veteran charities. In 2021, he founded Veterans in Digital Assets (VIDA), an initiative to help veterans launch careers in the web3 sector. 


Additionally, Captain Perkins worked with a team of Veterans for a 2023 National Geographic polar expedition to explore nature’s role in post-traumatic stress rehabilitation, resulting in the documentary Operation Arctic Cure. 


Senator Shelley B. Mayer said, “I am honored to nominate Captain Perkins to the 2024 Veterans Hall of Fame. Captain Perkins exemplifies what it means to serve our country, from his commendable service overseas in the U.S. Marine Corps to his leadership and support for his fellow veterans at home. Captain Perkins has shown great dedication to his country, and I am deeply grateful for his service and commitment to our community. It is my pleasure to nominate him for the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame.” 


Captain Perkins has also been named “Employee of the Month—35 People Worthy of Emulation” (Esquire, Fall 2012), and was awarded Columbia University’s “Peter J. Awn Community Service Award” in 2018 and the “Marine for Life” award in New York City. 


He has served on the Board of Advisors of Academy Securities and is a member of the Economic Club of New York. In past years, Captain Perkins served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Team Rubicon, and on the Leadership Team of the Bob Woodruff Foundation. Currently, he is President of a successful investment advisory and venture capital firm, CoinFund.

Captain Perkins received his Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy, with distinction, and earned a Master of Arts Degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University. 


The New York State Veterans Hall of Fame was created to honor distinguished veterans in New York for their military service and dedication to the community. Each year a veteran from each state Senate district is nominated into the Veterans Hall of Fame and recognized for their service. The Veterans Hall of Fame serves as a place of gratitude and thankfulness for all the veterans who are honored.