Westchester County Executive and County Leaders Shine Light on Autism Awareness in Commemoration of World Autism Day

Westchester County Executive George Latimer, County Legislator Catherine Parker, and Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH) Commissioner Michael Orth, commemorated World Autism Day on April 2 along with New York area representatives of Autism Speaks. As part of National Autism Acceptance Month, Latimer dedicated the day to recognizing the needs of the autistic community while lifting up available resources.


Latimer said: “As we commemorate World Autism Day, let us reaffirm our commitment in Westchester to fostering understanding, acceptance, and support for individuals on the autism spectrum. We must be champions of inclusivity across every avenue, program and opportunity that presents itself. That is how we keep this County pointed forward.”


Parker said: “I am proud to stand together in solidarity to shine a light on the diverse experiences of individuals with autism, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity. Let’s unite in our efforts to create a brighter, more accepting world for all.”


Orth said: “The Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health is committed to staying at the forefront of assisting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Join us in taking the time today to help continue to transform the narrative surrounding Autism, fostering acceptance, and sharing our appreciation for all those who support and are part of the Autistic Community.”


Autism Speaks New York Sr. Area Executive Director Carla Sterling said: “When it comes to inclusion, awareness of autism is not enough; at Autism Speaks, our relentless commitment to amplifying the voices, sharing the stories and recognizing the spectrum of needs of the autistic individuals drives the work we do every day.”


In addition to the County naming April 2 as World Autism Day, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge was lit that evening in recognition of Autism Speaks and National Autism Month. To learn more about Autism Speaks or their month long “Act Fearlessly for Change” campaign visit autismspeaks.org.