CAPC Formed at the Larchmont BOT Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken



At the Board of Trustees meeting on January 8, Mayor Sarah Bauer announced the creation of the Commercial Area Plan Committee (CAPC), which will be chaired by former Larchmont mayor Lorraine Walsh. Its members will be Adam Caviezel, Carol Casazza-Herman, Conner Fennerty, Ken Ricci, Niv Rotem, Alexa Sewell, and Jeremy Swillinger. Roland Young and Dean Barnes will be the Planning Board Representatives.


The CAPC will address future development and conservation of Larchmont’s commercial areas, including physical and economic development, public spaces, mixed land uses, range of housing opportunities, resiliency to climate change, green infrastructure, diversity, mobility, and other social, ecological, and regional concerns. 


After a public hearing, the Board of Trustees passed a resolution prohibiting dogs in Flint Park. A  public hearing addressing 5G communications was held. Although such communications are regulated by federal law, the town has the ability to regulate the appearance and location of cell towers and will do what it can to camouflage their appearance as much as possible.


In his report, Police Chief Christopher McNerney reported two burglaries. The first was on December 5 at the Verizon Wireless Store on Palmer Avenue. The store’s glass front door was smashed, and numerous cell phones that were on display were stolen. The second burglary occurred on December 18 at Wallach Jewelers. The front window was broken, and assorted items were stolen from the jewelry cases, which were smashed. Chief McNerney stated, “We believe that the crimes are related and a part of a bigger crime pattern happening throughout the tri-state area.” 


Additionally, there were 150 Leaf Blower complaints with 38 summonses issued.

Finally, in the event of severe storms, Chief McNerney advised residents to call 1-800-75-CONED to report power outages or to call the police at 914-834-1000.